For those who are recuperating at home (Health observation tool [MY HER-SYS])

Developed by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare for efficient health observation Health observation tool [MY HER-SYS] is introduced.

MY HER-SYS guidance emails are being sent via SMS (Short Message Service) to those who have been notified of the outbreak of the new coronavirus infection by a medical institution. (Text is as below)


Guidance of My-HER-SYS (new corona health condition input form) from Koto Ward Public Health Center

Please enter from the URL below.
This system is provided by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. ”


By entering daily health conditions into MY HER-SYS from a smartphone, etc., changes in health conditions can be quickly grasped and appropriate measures can be taken.

For your peace of mind, please check your health condition and enter it into MY HER-SYS.

[MY HER-SYS User Guide]

Usage guide (for the person [MY HER-SYS]) (PDF: 990KB)

Usage guide (for those with family [MY HER-SYS]) (PDF: 951KB)

How to enter health status

  1. Please read the URL received by SMS from your smartphone. (also link below)
  2. New registration is required for the first time. An e-mail address and HER-SYS ID (6 or 7 digits *currently 8 digits) are required for new registration. Please check your HER-SYS ID, which is included in the guidance email sent by SMS.
  3. Enter your health status once a day (by 8:30 am).


Connection URL (MY HER-SYS) (link to an external site)

Handling of information entered

Health status surveys are conducted by prefectures, cities, and special wards that have public health centers based on the "Law Concerning Prevention of Infectious Diseases and Medical Care for Patients with Infectious Diseases" (Infectious Diseases Law). Your input on your health status will count as your response to the survey. Prefectures, cities, and special wards that establish public health centers are required to report the information collected from the survey to the national government (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare) in accordance with the Infectious Diseases Control Law.

The information you have entered will be managed by the "System for Supporting the Identification and Management of Persons Infected with the Novel Coronavirus" (HER-SYS) operated by the government (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare).・To staff of special wards, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, and related organizations (regional medical associations, etc.) commissioned by prefectures, cities, and special wards to monitor health status within the scope necessary for their respective duties Note: Shared.

(Note) For example, the following cases are assumed.

  • Sharing information about health conditions during medical treatment with doctors, etc. who perform health follow-ups
  • Information sharing between public health centers when the public health center under the jurisdiction of the outpatient clinic for returnees/contacts and the medical treatment destination (home or hotel) are different
  • Utilized to create data such as changes in the number of patients in the area necessary for adjusting the number of hospital beds and accommodation facilities

The government (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare) will use the information accumulated in HER-SYS to create and publish statistics on the outbreak status of novel coronavirus infections. In addition, based on statistical information, it will be used for research on new coronavirus infections (this statistics is data such as the number of infected people nationwide and by region, and does not include information that can identify individuals).

The information you have entered will not be used for any purpose other than the execution of duties based on the Infectious Diseases Act, including the purposes of use described above, and other duties related to measures against the novel coronavirus disease.

Of the information managed by the government (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare) in HER-SYS, information that can identify an individual can be disclosed, corrected, or suspended based on the Act on the Protection of Personal Information Held by Administrative Organs. can.

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