Handbook for home care recipients ~ To prevent the spread of infection ~

* Click here for precautions and consultation desks during home treatment

(For those diagnosed with the new coronavirus infection)

The Infection Control Team of the Tokyo iCDC Expert Board has created a "handbook for home care patients" that summarizes infection control measures at home.
This handbook summarizes what you should be aware of and what you and your family members should know so that you do not infect others while you are staying at home. increase.

(For cohabitants)

This is a summary of what family members and cohabitants should be aware of when caring for an infected person. Even if you live with the infected person, please check your health condition every day during the period of home recuperation. When you go out, wear a mask and wash your hands frequently. By doing each step carefully, you can prevent the spread of infection to your housemates and people around you. Please read it carefully and put it into practice.

Checklist "10 promises to keep as a family"

We have created a checklist that summarizes points to keep in mind while recuperating at home and who to contact in case of trouble.
Please use it together with the handbook.

10 promises to keep as a family

Contents of the handbook


1. To those who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 and those who live together

2. Characteristics of COVID-19

3. If you are recuperating at home, please follow these instructions.

4. Eight points to prevent infection at home

(1) Separate rooms

(2) Limit the number of people taking care of infected people as much as possible.

(3) Both infected people and cohabitants should wear masks correctly.

(4) Infected persons and cohabitants should wash their hands frequently.

(5) Let's ventilate frequently

(6) Clean and disinfect common areas that are often touched by hands

(7) Wash dirty linen and clothes

(8) Trash should be sealed and thrown away.

* How to dispose of garbage at home to prevent infectious diseases such as the new coronavirus (provided by the Ministry of the Environment)


  • What is the novel coronavirus (SAR S-CoV-2)?
  • What are the symptoms of COVID-19?
  • How do you get infected?
  • Points to note regarding highly infectious mutants (including Omicron strains)

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