Independence support medical care (psychiatric hospital visits)

About the system

For psychiatric illness, we subsidize part of the medical expenses for outpatient hospital visits for those who receive continuous treatment upon application.
In addition to outpatient psychiatric care, the system also covers drug costs, day care, home-visit nursing care, home visits, and epilepsy treatment.
Note: Subsidies are limited to medical expenses for mental illness. In addition, hospitalization expenses are excluded from this system. Please be careful.

Scope of grant

Of the copayment (30%) of medical insurance, 20% of the total medical expenses for mental hospital visits will be subsidized. the amount to pay 10% in principle However, there are further reductions according to household income, illness, etc.
In that case, the monthly payment will be up to the maximum co-payment amount (set between 2,500 yen and 20,000 yen depending on the amount of household income and resident tax).
(Public assistance households and households exempt from municipal tax are eligible for the full subsidy, so an application is required.)

Payment (subsidy) method

"Certificate of Independence Support Medical Care Recipient" will be issued to those whose payment has been approved. Please show it to medical institutions, pharmacies, etc. when you go to the hospital.
Note: It takes about 3 months from application to issuance. In addition, the validity period starts from the date of application acceptance. One year period am. If you want to continue using it, you need to update it.

Application method

Required documents/procedures

  • Application for new/renewal/restart Required documents in case of are at the bottom of the website "List of Required Documents (New/Renewal/Renewal Application)" (PDF file) Please refer to the.
    * Annual renewal required am. You can apply from 3 months before the expiration date.
    * Submission of a medical certificate (for independence support) is, in principle, once every two years will be (Only if renewed before the expiration date.)
  • Change of health insurance, address, name, medical institution, pharmacy, etc. teeth, Change application procedure is required. Please contact the Health and Welfare Center as the required documents will change depending on the content of the change.
  • If you already have a recipient certificate, Those whose income has decreased from the previous year does the procedure and When you can change your income category (category related to the maximum amount of self-pay) there is. Please contact the Health and Welfare Center as the required documents will change depending on the health insurance you are enrolled in.
  • Loss/damage In this case, please go to the nearest Health and Welfare Center to apply for reissuance.

When you have all the required documents, please submit them to the Health and Welfare Center. In addition, the procedure for independence support medical care (mental hospital) is also possible by mail. If you wish, please attach the attached file at the bottom of the homepage " For those who wish to apply by mail” (PDF file) Please refer to the.

Documents proving the inhabitant tax amount

In principle, proof of residence tax is required for application, If you need to confirm your resident tax, and if you were registered as a resident in Itabashi Ward on January 1 of the current year and have filed a tax return, you can omit the certificate of resident tax by confirming it with public records. can do . If you wish, please click " Agreement” (PDF file) , please submit it together with other application documents after writing by all those who need confirmation of residence tax, or signing and stamping.
Also, if you are receiving public assistance in Itabashi Ward, please refer to the attached file at the bottom of the website. Agreement” (PDF file) Please sign the Omit public assistance certificate can.

About the My Number system

With the start of the My Number system, when applying for independence support medical care, Entry of My Number is required. again, Confirmation of personal number and identification with personal number card etc. Thank you for your cooperation.
Please see the following for Itabashi Ward's My Number system.

Omission of Required Documents by Using My Number

By presenting your personal number card, etc., through information linkage using My Number, The following documents are optional have become.
In addition, if there is a person other than the person who needs to confirm the tax amount, that person's My Number must be entered.
Inhabitant tax taxation and tax exemption certificate when the taxable land is in another municipality
(Please note that if the person who needs to confirm the amount of tax lives outside the city, it will take time to confirm the amount of tax.)
Public assistance receipt certificate from other local governments


For those who are using medical services to support independence and whose income category is above a certain level (upper limit of 20,000 yen per month)

In independence support medical care, until March 31, 2021, municipal inhabitant tax taxable amount of 235,000 yen or more (a certain income or more) is subject to high-cost treatment continuation (so-called severe and continuous) due to transitional special measures. were also eligible for subsidies. Regarding this special measure, the revised Order for Enforcement of the Act on Support and Support for Persons with Disabilities was promulgated, and it was decided to extend it until March 31, 2024.

For more information on independence support medical care

Please refer to the following for information on the medical care system for independence support (psychiatric outpatient care) in Tokyo.

Please see below for medical institutions where independence support medical care is available.

Please see below for the subsidies for tax-exempt households enrolled in National Health Insurance.

Other support services for people with mental illness

“Mental Disability Health and Welfare Notebook”: A Tokyo metropolitan government notebook system that allows people with mental disabilities to receive various types of support.

"Subsidy for hospitalization medical expenses for children with mental disorders": This is a subsidy system for children under the age of 18 who receive psychiatric treatment during hospitalization.

"Comprehensive Support Act for Persons with Disabilities": Information on services based on the Act on Comprehensive Support for Persons with Disabilities and the Child Welfare Act, as well as projects related to other community life support.

"Mental health" related links: A list of other programs and information related to "mental health" in Itabashi Ward. (Depression and other mental illnesses, alcoholism, social withdrawal, suicide countermeasures, volunteering, etc.)
Note: See Related Links at the end of this article for additional information.

Inquiries in Itabashi City about independence support medical care (psychiatric hospital)


telephone number

Postal code


Itabashi Health and Welfare Center 03-3579-2333 173-0014 32-15 Oyamahigashimachi, Itabashi-ku
Kamiitabashi Health and Welfare Center 03-3937-1041 174-0075 3-18-6 Sakuragawa, Itabashi-ku
Akatsuka Health and Welfare Center 03-3979-0511 175-0092 1-10-13 Akatsuka, Itabashi-ku
Shimura Health and Welfare Center 03-3969-3836 174-0046 2-5-5 Hasune, Itabashi-ku
Takashimadaira Health and Welfare Center 03-3938-8621 175-0082 3-13-28 Takashimadaira, Itabashi-ku

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