[Additional vaccination] Regarding medical institutions that carry out individual vaccination (new coronavirus vaccination)

[Important] Simultaneous vaccination
Simultaneous vaccination with new corona vaccine and influenza vaccine is possible.
Please check the "simultaneous vaccination" column in the list below by area for medical institutions where simultaneous vaccination is possible.
*Please be sure to check the explanation in the table to see if there is a copayment.


・From October 2020, the Omicron strain vaccine will be used for individual vaccinations for those aged 12 and over. Click here for details (move to another page)

・For those who wish to receive the first (1st and 2nd) vaccination, please use the ward group vaccination venue. Click here for details (move to another page)
・Vaccines used at medical institutions may change depending on the supply of vaccines. Please check the vaccines to be used at the time of booking.
・Please refrain from making inquiries to each medical institution before accepting reservations, as it will interfere with medical treatment.

Medical institutions that carry out booster vaccinations (individual vaccinations)

Notice to medical institutions considering implementation of new coronavirus vaccination

If you are a medical institution that does not belong to any group that organizes collective contracts, here Please refer to the.

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