Project to promote the retention of midwives

Fiscal 2022 Survey on the Implementation of the Tokyo Midwife Establishment Promotion Project *Closed

*This year's survey has ended. Thank you for your cooperation.

We will conduct a survey to understand the actual situation of medical facilities and midwives that advocate obstetrics or obstetrics and gynecology in Tokyo and to confirm the intention of seconding midwives in this project.
Information is sent directly to each facility, but please submit it by the method of (1) or (2) below.

[Deadline for submission] Monday, May 9, 2022

(1) Sending by facsimile If you would like to prepare data, please download the questionnaire below, answer it, and submit it by facsimile.
FY2020 questionnaire (Excel:32KB)
・Submit to (FAX): 03-5388-1436

(2) When submitting electronically, access the Tokyo Joint Electronic Application/Notification Service from the link below and submit.
Click here for electronic application (Tokyo Joint Electronic Application/Notification Service)

1 Business purpose

It is proposed to promote the retention of midwives by understanding the uneven distribution of midwifery employment and considering the secondment of midwives, correcting the uneven distribution of midwifery employment, strengthening midwifery practice skills, and securing training facilities for midwifery student nursing education. purpose.
By supporting midwives' "secondment" between facilities, and having the status of the current workplace (seconded place) while working at another facility (seconded place) for training and educational guidance, We will improve the practical ability of midwives and increase their motivation.
(This project will be implemented as a “support project for the introduction of secondment of midwives” until 2020)

2 Business description

● Establish a conference to promote the establishment of midwives (hereafter referred to as “the conference”) consisting of related organizations and academic experts, etc., grasp the actual situation such as uneven distribution of midwifery employment, hold midwifery secondment training presentations, Management, planning, evaluation, analysis, etc. of the business.
● A coordinator will be assigned to the council, who will make various adjustments related to the secondment, pay rewards, etc. related to the secondment training, disseminate the effects of the project after the secondment training, etc. We will carry out
● In addition, we will support the collection and provision of information necessary to promote the establishment of midwives.

3 Implementation method

This project is outsourced to the Tokyo Nursing Association.
[Tokyo Nursing Association homepage]

Business image and flow

Example of secondment


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