About medical treatment and examination medical institutions

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government designates medical institutions in Tokyo that treat and test fever patients as "medical and testing medical institutions" so that patients with fevers can receive appropriate medical care and tests in the region during the influenza epidemic season. To do.
This website provides information about the designation of "Medical Institutions for Medical Treatment and Testing" in Tokyo.

1 Designation of Medical Institutions for Medical Treatment and Testing

Treatment/examination Medical institutions provide treatment/examination for patients who have been referred by the Tokyo Metropolitan Fever Consultation Center or local medical institutions, and for family patients of their own hospital (treatment/examination only for family patients of their own hospital is also possible). It is a medical institution that does

2 Requirements for Medical Institutions for Treatment and Testing

Please check the system and specific responses of medical institutions for medical examinations and examinations.

In order to be designated as a medical treatment/examination medical institution, it is necessary to meet several requirements.
The requirements for medical institutions for medical treatment and testing are as follows: Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Health Bureau Tuberculosis and Infectious Diseases Division Administrative Notice dated September 15, 2020 "Regarding support subsidies for securing fever outpatient treatment systems during the 2nd year of Reiwa influenza season" Based on Attachment 1.

Please also refer to the following for measures against nosocomial infections at medical institutions.

Temporary handling of medical fees

After November 1, 2022, it is necessary to correspond to any of the following requirements when calculating the "additional charge for hospitalization for patients with type 2 infectious diseases" at medical institutions.

(1) If you are newly registered with a medical treatment/testing medical institution (2) If you are an existing medical treatment/testing medical institution and have expanded the response time (expanded by 30 minutes or more per week) (3) Existing medical treatment/testing medical institution If it is a testing medical institution and the target is expanded (to newly respond to patients who have not visited the hospital in the past) (4) Existing medical examination / testing medical institution "8 or more slots per week" (*) if it supports

* "8 slots or more per week" corresponds to a total of 8 slots or more for medical examinations and examinations per week, assuming that the hours for medical examinations and examinations on each day are 1 slot for half a day in the morning and afternoon. It means to

Link to external site Opens in a new window. Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare administrative notice dated October 26, 2022 "Temporary handling of medical fees related to new coronavirus infections (No. 79)"

In order to receive additional medical fees, if you wish to newly register with a medical treatment/examination medical institution or change the content, please follow the procedures from the "application site link" in "3 Designated Application Procedures" below.

3 Designation application procedure

If you would like to cooperate with the medical examination and examination of patients with fever as a medical institution, please register at the application site below.

[ Application site link ]

(↑Click the letter above to register or update the contents↑)

1. New application : Please apply from the above site.

2. Change application items …Log in from the above site,
Please proceed to the change screen from the "Change application reception" button and update it.
If you have already registered, the ID required for login is
Please note that it is different from the ID (kensa) when you first registered.

4 Cancellation of designation

If you wish to withdraw your designation, please download the form. Requests for withdrawal will be accepted by email.
S0415103@section.metro.tokyo.jp (To Business Promotion Division, Infectious Disease Control Department, Bureau of Social Welfare and Public Health, Tokyo Metropolitan Government)
Please send the subject of the e-mail as "Request for Withdrawal of Designated Medical Institution".
In addition, if you wish to apply for designation again as a “medical treatment/examination medical institution” for reasons such as the establishment of a system after the designation has been canceled, please contact the designated application-related inquiries listed at the bottom of the page by telephone. .

If a medical institution that has concluded an administrative inspection contract with the metropolitan government and conducted inspections cancels its designation, the administrative inspection contract will also be cancelled. If you wish to continue conducting administrative inspections, you will need to submit an application for continuation of certification, so please submit it together with an application for cancellation of designation.
(The Tokyo metropolitan government considers it to be a medical institution similar to the outpatient clinic for returnees and contacts when it conducts examinations as a medical institution for medical examinations and examinations, and concludes a contract for administrative examinations.)

5 Procedures when the insurance medical institution number changes

If the insurance medical institution number changes due to incorporation or relocation of the medical institution, the following two procedures are required for registration of the medical institution.

(1) Deregistration of Old Medical Institution Code Please send a deregistration request form (Form No. 1) to the designated e-mail address as described in "4. Deregistration" above.

(2) New registration of the new medical institution code Please register with the new medical institution code from the “Application site link” in “3 Designation application procedure” above.

*Please complete procedures (1) and (2) as soon as the new medical institution code is known.
*The procedures for (1) and (2) can be done at the same time.

6 Disclosure on the Tokyo Metropolitan Government website

The medical institutions that have been designated as medical treatment/examination medical institutions will be announced on the following page.
In addition, if you do not accept patients other than your own family patients, you can indicate that.
In that case, depending on the situation, such as when the infection spreads, we ask for your cooperation as much as possible to treat patients other than your family.

Link to external site Opens in a new window. List of Medical Treatment/Inspection Medical Institutions

7 Frequently Asked Questions

designation relationship

Q. What are the benefits of being designated as a medical institution for medical examination and testing?
A.By being designated as a medical institution for medical examinations and examinations by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, it is possible to meet the requirements for adding medical fees.

Q. Are home visits covered?
A.It is premised on preparing an examination room, tent, etc., and conducting outpatient medical care, so home-visit medical care is not eligible.
In addition, even clinics that mainly provide home-visit medical care are eligible if they have examination rooms and tents and provide separate fever outpatient clinics.

Q.What kind of procedures do I need to complete if I want to start conducting inspections at public expense?
A.Please put a check to the effect that the test will be carried out on the medical treatment/test registration site.
We will contact you about the procedure at a later date, but the inspection itself can be performed from the day you check it on the site. The inspection contract will be concluded retroactively at a later date. Please also see Q1 for medical institutions in the link below.

Link to external site Opens in a new window. Frequently asked questions about testing for new coronavirus infections

Related to national subsidies

Q. What is necessary to apply for national subsidies?
A. First of all, it is necessary to be designated as a medical institution for medical examinations and examinations by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. In addition, each designated medical institution must directly submit an application form to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

8 Contact

Welfare and Public Health Bureau Infectious Disease Control Department Business Promotion Section Infectious Disease Medical Development Section 03-5320-4347
*Inquiries about national subsidies cannot be answered by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

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