Disaster support project for home ventilator users

Based on the "Tokyo guideline for disaster support for at-home ventilator users," Shinjuku Ward has identified people who are using ventilators at home, created lists and maps, and created individual support plans in the event of a disaster. and emergency power supplies, etc.

Creation of an Individual Support Plan for Disaster Ventilator Users at Home

We are preparing individual disaster support plans so that home ventilator users and their families can prepare for disasters in normal times and lead safe and secure lives.

1 What is a Disaster Individual Support Plan?

resuscitation bag
In preparation for disasters, the plan includes preparation of resuscitation bags, batteries, and other medical equipment and daily necessities, as well as what actions to take in an emergency, who will support what, and so on.
Create a thought plan with stakeholders.

2 target audience

Patients and their families who have an address in Shinjuku Ward and use a ventilator at home
(Persons using a ventilator only for the treatment of sleep apnea syndrome are not eligible to create an individual support plan in the event of a disaster.)

3 About providing information for those using a ventilator at home

Please provide information for those who use respirators at home.

Guidance, forms, etc.

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