[For those who are recuperating at home] Home-visit inoculation of the new coronavirus vaccine

For those who live in Nakano Ward and who find it difficult to get vaccinated at the vaccination venue due to home care, doctors and nurses will visit your home and administer the new coronavirus vaccine.
1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th doses (manufactured by Pfizer) can be administered.

Application is required. Applications will be accepted from Thursday, December 1st.

Home-visit vaccination leaflet

Target audience

Those who live in Nakano Ward and fall under all of 1 to 4

  1. Those who are constantly bedridden during home care, or those who are in an equivalent condition (equivalent to Level 4 or 5 nursing care, Grade 1 or 2 physical disability certificate, Love certificate 1 or 2)
  2. Those who have difficulty accompanying family members or supporters to the vaccination venue or moving support
  3. Those who cannot be vaccinated by a family doctor's home visit, and who have received permission from their family doctor to be vaccinated
  4. Those who can be accompanied by family members or supporters and follow-up after vaccination

*Children aged 6 months to 11 years can also be vaccinated.

Inoculation date

December 16 (Friday) - March 31 (Friday)

Application period

December 1st (Thursday) - February 28th (Tuesday)

*Those who wish to vaccinate children aged 6 months to 4 years should apply by December 31 (Saturday) .
*Those who wish to receive the 1st and 2nd inoculations, and children aged 5 to 11, should apply by February 15 (Wednesday) .
* The vaccination date will be determined after each application period ends . A medical institution in Nakano Ward will contact you by phone.

Application period Inoculation date
1 December 1st (Thursday) - December 15th (Thursday) December 16th (Friday) ~
2 December 16 (Friday) - December 31 (Saturday) January 4 (Wednesday) ~
3 January 1 (Sunday) - January 15 (Sunday) January 16 (Monday) ~
Four January 16 (Monday) - January 31 (Tuesday) February 1 (Wednesday) ~
Five February 1 (Wednesday) to February 15 (Wednesday)

February 16 (Thursday) ~

6 February 16 (Thursday) to February 28 (Tuesday)

March 1 (Wednesday) to March 31 (Friday)

Application method

Please fill out the application form and submit it by mail or electronic application.
Use of home-visit vaccination application (PDF: 128KB)


2-17-4 Nakano, Nakano-ku, Nakano-ku Health Prevention Division, New Coronavirus Vaccination Section

Electronic application

Please apply from this page .

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