About correspondence of group vaccination venue at the time of disaster occurrence

Correspondence of mass vaccination venue when outbreak of storm and flood damage is expected

When an earthquake or storm and flood damage occurs, or when storm and flood damage is expected, the response of the group vaccination venue is as follows.

If you decide to cancel vaccination at the mass vaccination venue, Announcement on the ward homepage "What's new" I will.

Division reference period situation final judgment Correspondence contents
wind and flood damage as needed A typhoon/large cyclone is approaching as needed Corresponds to measures such as temporary closure of public facilities determined by the Ward Disaster Countermeasures Headquarters
earthquake Until 9:00 A seismic intensity of lower 5 occurred. 10:00 Canceled only on the day
After 9:00 within 30 minutes Canceled only on the day
as needed A seismic intensity of 5 upper or more occurs right after canceled on the day
The schedule for reopening will be announced later on the website, etc.

In the event that there are other obstacles to the opening of the mass vaccination venue, such as planned cancellations, we will notify you on our website, etc.

Change of reservation date

Reservation system or call center You can change your appointment at or at a later date at a vaccination venue that does not require a reservation (if it is open).

* Koto City reservation system (link to an external site) (opens in a separate window)

*Call center (TEL0120-115-721 *8:30-17:30 including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)

* For more information about the vaccination venues that do not require reservations, please visit here Please refer to the. (If you are vaccinated without a reservation, there is an upper limit to the number of vaccinations at each venue, so if you reach the upper limit, you may not be able to be vaccinated. Also, please note that numbered tickets may be distributed depending on the congestion situation. .)

    Dissemination method

    Announcement on the ward homepage. In addition, we will send you a simultaneous email from the reservation system. (E-mail address registrants only)

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