Reservation method (system reservation procedure)

1. Koto Ward New Corona Vaccination Reservation System (WEB reservation) (link to external site) (opens in a new window)

2. Koto Ward New Corona Vaccination Call Center Tel0120-115-721 8:30-17:30 (also on weekends and holidays)

*There are many mistakes in dialing the phone number. When contacting the call center, please check the phone number carefully to avoid dialing the wrong number.

3. Reservation directly on the website of the medical institution or by phone Please check here for more details

Please note that the dates available for appointment may differ depending on the days the medical institution is closed.

About the WEB reservation system

Vaccination reservation system

New Corona vaccination reservation reception system (link to an external site) You can book vaccinations at Please follow the steps below to make a reservation.

Bookings for multiple people cannot be made through the system. Please follow the steps below to make a reservation for each person.

*The browsers that support the recommended computer operating environment for the vaccination reservation system are Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Mozilla FireFox, and the latest versions of Google Chrome for Android and Safari for IOS are available for smartphones. Please note that it may not work properly due to the use of other browsers or older versions of browsers.

How to make a reservation in the system

1. Enter your vaccination ticket number and password Described in the red frame on the upper right of the individually notified vaccination ticket


*For security reasons, the information of those who used the WEB reservation for the third time is initialized. Please register again.

2. Enter your email address


3. Email address registration is completed and an email is delivered to the address


4. Open the URL described in the received email and log in


5. Enter your name, password, etc.


It is mandatory to enter the above name, phone number, address, and password change.

6. You will be transferred to My Page common to the 3rd and 4th reservations, so click "Reserve/Change"


*Past vaccination dates are listed.

7. Click "Select vaccination venue"


8. Search for inoculation venues


9. The search results will be displayed, so select the desired venue and click the reservation button


10.The calendar will be displayed, so select the desired date


11. Select desired time frame


12.Confirm reservation


13. Reservation is completed


14. The reserved information will be displayed on My Page

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↑The above "Output Reservation Form" is for outputting a memo for reservation confirmation. No need to bring to the venue .

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