Izu Islands/Ogasawara Islands Medical and Nursing Care Resources on Each Island

This time, the Emergency and Disaster Medical Division has issued a notice for medical workers at mainland medical institutions so that island patients who have been hospitalized and treated at mainland medical institutions can smoothly transition to treatment and recuperation on the island where they are accustomed to living. We have created a booklet that summarizes information on medical and nursing care resources on each island.
Please use this booklet for discharge adjustment.

Overall version

Split version


table of contents

Oshima (Oshima Town) … pages 1-14

Toshima (Toshima Village) … pages 15-20

Niijima (Niijima Village) … pages 21-28

Shikinejima (Niijima Village) … pages 29-36

Kozushima (Kozushima Village) … pages 37-44

Miyake Island (Miyake Village) … pages 45-52

Mikurashima (Mikurashima Village) … pages 53-56

Hachijo Island (Hachijo Town) … pages 57-68

Aogashima (Aogashima village) … pages 69-74

Chichijima (Ogasawara Village) … pages 75-82

Hahajima (Ogasawara Village) … pages 83-88

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