[Easy Japanese] For those who have been diagnosed with the new coronavirus (COVID-19) infectious disease

If you are diagnosed with the new coronavirus infection, the hospital will issue an outbreak report to the public health center. will be
At the public health center, we will respond as follows.

You will receive an SMS (short message) from the public health center.

On the next day after receiving the notification of the outbreak, you will receive a notice about how to rest from the public health center.
If your physical condition worsens before you receive the SMS from the public health center, call the Home Recuperation Support Center (Uchisa Please call "Po Tokyo".

Home care support center "Uchisapo Tokyo" a new window will open
TEL: 0120-670-440 24 hours
11 languages ​​available: English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Nepali, Portuguese, Spanish, Burmese, French, Thai, Tagalog

(Supplementary information) You can also consult about any worries or troubles.

How to rest

People who have been diagnosed with a new coronavirus infection will rest according to the situation. There are three ways to take a rest. Home treatment, lodging treatment, and inpatient treatment.

Please look down.

(1) home care

People with mild or no symptoms will be treated at home.
Click here for guidelines on what to watch out for when recuperating at home and when to call an ambulance. a new window will open Please see

home care
place in charge Target person Health observation

Home care support center "Uchisapo Tokyo" a new window will open

TEL: 0120-670-440

Until age 50

People without underlying diseases

Self-monitoring of health

Call Uchisapo Tokyo when necessary

In the case of follow-up by “Uchisapo Tokyo”, there will be no contact from the public health center regarding health observations.

Tokyo Follow-up Center a new window will open (Follow App Center)

Over 50

People with underlying diseases

Health observation via LINE

If necessary, the follow-up center will contact you to check your physical condition.

Setagaya Ward Health Observation Center

Over 50

People with underlying diseases who are at high risk of becoming severe

(1) Automatic health observation by telephone

(2) The Setagaya Ward Health Observation Center will call you every day to check on your physical condition.

hospital A person who was told by the hospital to be subject to health observation

The hospital will check your physical condition by phone, etc.

(Caution) An underlying disease is a disease that is at risk of becoming severe when infected with the new coronavirus infection. Diabetes Cardiovascular disease Chronic respiratory disease Chronic kidney disease Hypertension Obesity (BMI 130 and so on.

(2) Accommodation medical treatment

Please apply by phone. Click here for details a new window will open Please see

Accommodation medical treatment
Facility Target audience Application (Moshikomisaki)
Accommodation and medical facility People with mild symptoms who are at risk of domestic transmission Tokyo Metropolitan Lodging and Rehabilitation Facility Application Window (Madoguchi)
TEL: 03-5320-5997
Infection spread sanatorium People who are asymptomatic and at risk of household transmission Tokyo metropolitan spread of infection sanatorium application window
TEL: 03-4485-3726

(3) Hospitalization

Elderly people People with chronic illnesses People who are pregnant People with a fever People with a cough or shortness of breath Hospitalization for medical treatment Those who are deemed necessary will be hospitalized. The public health center will arrange transportation to and from hospitals.

End of medical treatment (kijun)

The criteria for the end of medical treatment are as follows.

1. It has been 10 days since the symptoms appeared. And 72 hours have passed since the fever subsided without the use of medicine and the cough subsided.

2. For asymptomatic patients, 7 days have passed since the sample was taken.

If you meet the above criteria, you can return to your normal life. No tests are required at the end of treatment.

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