We will let you know about the novel coronavirus in simple Japanese.

new model To avoid corona air tree let's put on

  • Man people But many oh stomach place place To line stomach Please do not Ka.
  • Man people When Man people of distance distance Please open (2 meters as possible that's all abnormal open)
  • Narrow place place then window window of open Ah please
  • outside Outside Please wear a mask when you go out.
  • as much as possible hand hand of washing defect please
  • cough cough When doing mouth mouth of hand hand or hold it with a handkerchief.
  • body the body of condition condition But evil change stomach Time When teeth, homecoming Kisei [ family family But residence vinegar I'm listening House House To return change things] and trip trip Please do not use
  • Man people When together together To food stamp of food rice field as much as possible when eating Man people of little become empty Please remove it. Also, as much as possible short mijika stomach time time so food rice field please eat
  • By Industry Gyoshubetsu guidelines Mamoru Mamo ing institution Shisetsu [ new model new model to corona air tree wearing a shop shop or place place 】of messenger burial mound please

heat Netsu or body the body But tired burial mound when you are

company company or school school of rest Yasu please

heat Netsu when there is under bottom PDF of You see fruit please.

28 within days after To Japan Japan To come tree rice field Foreigner foreigner of direction shoulder teeth, Reading world please ( important important na contact contact am. )

throat Pain board stomach, Head head But Pain board stomach, heat Netsu there is hospital byoin To line stomach nine Time When has a passport Have and What line stomach please
test test and positive Yosei [ new model new model It was [being infected with Corona] Time When to the passport number number of heard tree to come.
* hospital byoin To line stomach nine Before front To Must Kana figure Fever in Sumida Ward Sumidaku Hatsunetsu corona consultation That's right Center or Tokyo fever consultation It's always the same with Tokyo to the center phone phone so consultation That's right please.

Fever in Sumida Ward Sumidaku Hatsunetsu ·corona consultation That's right Center

telephone number telephone number : 03-5608-1443
connect time time : morning morning 9 Time character from afternoon Gogo Five Time character to

* Saturday SundaySunday Sundayholiday execution [in the calendar red red getting worse Day fire 】teeth phone phone can not.

new model new model due to coronavirus anxiety anxiety and stress, etc. consultation That's right can. That time, first time at the beginning To " heart heart of consultation That's right am. "When words stomach please

Tokyo fever consultation It's always the same with Tokyo Center

telephone number telephone number : 03-5320-4592
*You can contact us at any time.

vaccination inoculation Sesshu [Vaccine hit cormorant About Tsukoto

Next next the link of You see fruit please.
About the new corona virus vaccination

new model new model About Corona

Tokyo Tokyo so new model new model Corona's disease sickness But increase debt I'm here.
very danger Gadfly Absent disease sickness am.
all everyone Mr. Miss. air tree Please turn on
new model new model About Corona Mayor of Sumida Ward Sumidakucho I have a message from

Link to external site Opens in a new window. Message from Sumida Ward Mayor (external site)

※YouTube Sumida Ward official Sumidaku Koushiki Channel new model new model coronavirus Infection information head of a ward Kuchou Link to message summary.
top best of movie how about but, newest Most new It's new.

event [many Man people But collection Atsu circle Festival pine tree Riya meal meal 】about air tree turn on

Tokyo multilingual consultation Tokyo and Gengo Navi

new model new model in Corona need top when phone phone so consultation That's right I can.
oh Money Money does not cost.
foreign language foreign language but consultation That's right I can.

(kind Japanese Japanese , English english , Chinese China , Korean Korean ,Vietnam word Go game ,Nepal word Go game ,Indonesia word Go game , Tagalog word Go game ,sea bream word Go game ,Portugal word Go game ,Spain word Go game ,France word Go game , hindi word Go game ,Russia word Go game ,Myanmar word Go game *)
※Myanmar word Go game teeth every Thursday Homecoming only

telephone number telephone number


phone phone is connected day of week Youbitime time

consultation That's right can Day fire

Monday first birthday from Friday Friday
morning morning Ten Time character from afternoon Gogo Four Time character to

rest Yasu fruit

Saturday SundaySunday Sundayholiday execution [ Japan Japan of rest Yasu fruit】· New year holiday season Year-end New Year Holidays [12 Moon Gatsu of end oh after all 1 Moon Gatsu of beginning Hajime eye】

immigration office Shutsu Nyuukoku Kanricho from Knowledge death let

new model new model to coronavirus measures Taisaku so, Japan Japan of Exit so can't Man people , technical training Ginouji of test Shiken of receive cormorant can't kick Man people , " Specified Skilled Worker No. 1 Tokuteiginoichigou to Status of residence Zairyu Shikaku of strange mosquito get Preparation preparation is not done Man people There are rules for this.

more knowledge death when you want to under bottom Please see the link.
Link to external site Opens in a new window. Information for technical intern trainees (external site)

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