New coronavirus vaccination (initial vaccination)

About the new coronavirus vaccination (initial vaccination)

[Beware of fraud]
Vaccines are available free of charge. Please be aware of special scams that deceive you by using tricks such as "reservation fee required" and "priority for vaccination".
  • If you are in a hurry to make a reservation for group vaccination, go to "New Corona Vaccination Information" (link from the image below (new window display))
For vaccination reservations, go to "New Corona Vaccination Information" (opens external site in new window)
[Note] If you have not yet made an appointment for vaccination, please contact the call center below.
Example) Those who have completed the first vaccination and have not made an appointment for the second vaccination.
Example: Those who live in the city and do not have a vaccination ticket issued by Shinjuku City, or those who are unable to receive a vaccination ticket for some reason.

Ward novel coronavirus vaccination call center
Phone: 03 (4333) 8907
Phone: 0570 (012) 440 Navi Dial
8:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. (including Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)

For information on how to make a reservation, please watch the video below.
Reservation method (external site (YouTube) new window display)

Inoculation target

In principle, the first vaccination (1st and 2nd vaccination) of the new corona vaccine is for those who are 12 years old or older who are registered as residents in Japan (regardless of nationality). About the new corona vaccine for children (5 to 11 years old), Child vaccination (5-11 years old) about new coronavirus vaccine (move to another page) Please confirm.
Pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, and those who have been infected with the new coronavirus are also advised to consider getting vaccinated, as vaccination is beneficial. Please see the Q&A for details.
  • Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare/New Corona Vaccine Q&A (Open the external site in a new window)

About pediatric vaccination (5-11 years old), we can confirm in the following pages.

Number of vaccinations, intervals between vaccinations, age for vaccination

Two doses of the first dose are required.

Vaccine Standard interval between 1st and 2nd dose Target age for vaccination

vaccination Standard interval between 1st and 2nd doses Target age for inoculation
Pfizer 3 weeks 12+
moderna 4 weeks 12+
*Takeda's vaccine (Novavacs) cannot be vaccinated at the mass vaccination venue in Shinjuku Ward. If you wish to receive Takeda's vaccine (Novavacs) (1st to 3rd doses, 18 years or older), please contact the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

Interval between 1st and 2nd doses

A second dose can be given even if the standard interval between doses is exceeded. There is no set maximum interval between vaccinations. Inoculation cannot be redone from the first time. We recommend that you receive the second vaccination as soon as possible.
In addition, although the effect of exceeding the standard vaccination interval has not been fully verified, WHO, the United States and some countries in the EU recommend 3 weeks (Pfizer vaccine) or 4 weeks (Moderna vaccine) Vaccine), the guideline is to inoculate the second dose within 6 weeks after the first dose.
"New Corona Vaccine Q&A" (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare website) (Opens an external site in a new window)

Vaccination venue (group vaccination)

The first (1st and 2nd) vaccinations are available at Genkikan, etc.
For details on how to make a reservation and vaccination schedule, please see the "Group Vaccinations at Ward Facilities" page below.
Group vaccination at ward facilities

Vaccine types, reissues, etc.

About Vaccination (Please Read First) Vaccination tickets (shipping, loss, etc.) Precautions on the day of vaccination

Inquiries about this page

New coronavirus vaccination countermeasures room
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