Preparing for simultaneous epidemics of new coronavirus and influenza

This winter, the new coronavirus infection will spread more than this summer, and there is a possibility that it will spread at the same time as influenza.

1 About medical treatment

Flow of medical treatment in anticipation of the simultaneous epidemic of new coronavirus and influenza (PDF: 651KB)

Tokyo leaflet

①Those who are at high risk of becoming seriously ill and those who are elementary school students or younger (PDF: 826KB)

②Person with low aggravation risk (PDF: 902KB)

③Those who received a corona-positive diagnosis at a medical institution (PDF: 984KB)

Tokyo Temporary Online Fever Medical Center

Those who have poor physical condition such as fever and are self-testing with a new coronavirus infection test kit (labeled as "in-vitro diagnostic drug" or "class 1 drug") If a patient wishes to receive a prescription, online medical treatment will be provided using the patient's own smartphone or tablet device.
In addition, face-to-face medical treatment is the basic method for seeing a doctor when you have a fever, so after considering visiting your family doctor or a nearby medical institution, please use this service when it is difficult to visit an outpatient clinic.

For details, please check the Tokyo Metropolitan Government website (link to an external site) .

2 Preparing for illness such as fever

Prepare test kits, antipyretic analgesics, groceries, etc. in advance in case you feel unwell, such as with a fever.

Division Item (example) Things to keep in mind
Pharmaceuticals, etc. Commercial novel coronavirus antigen test kit

Choose a country-approved kit.

* Kits approved by the government are labeled as "in vitro diagnostic drugs" or "class 1 drugs".

Over-the-counter antipyretic analgesics

For antipyretic analgesics, refer to the website of the Tokyo Pharmacists Association (link to an external site) .

thermometer Also check the remaining battery power.
Daily necessities

(Examples) Hand sanitizer, detergent, garbage bags, hygiene products, toilet paper, etc.

groceries that can provide hydration (Example) sports drinks, oral rehydration solutions, jelly drinks, etc.
Foods that are easy to eat even when you are not feeling well (Example) Retort porridge, packed rice, udon, etc.
Foods that can be easily eaten without cooking

Prepare for one week.

(Example) Retort food, canned food, instant soup, instant miso soup, frozen food, etc.

For details , please see this winter's coronavirus and influenza simultaneous epidemic (leaflet created by Tokyo Metropolitan Government) (PDF: 766KB) .

3 About vaccination

(1) About the new coronavirus vaccine

(2) Influenza vaccine

4 Where to consult when feeling unwell or feeling uneasy

If you have relatively mild cold symptoms such as fever or cough, or if you want to know what to do because someone close to you has tested positive, please contact the consultation desk for consultation regarding the new coronavirus infection.

Consultation desk (PDF: 514KB) of new coronavirus infectious disease

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