To those who have been diagnosed as positive for the new coronavirus infection

Depending on the spread of infection, the contents of the response may change.

Notice from Ota Ward Public Health Center

From September 26, 2022, the target of outbreak notification (positive notification) from medical institutions is limited to the following 4 types.
If you do not fall under any of the following (1) to (4), you will not be notified of the outbreak even if you visit a medical institution, but please receive medical treatment at home, etc. during the period based on the Infection Control Law. To do.

Target of outbreak notification (positive notification)

(1) Persons aged 65 or over (2) Persons requiring hospitalization (3) Persons at risk of severe disease who require administration of novel coronavirus therapeutic drugs or oxygen administration (4) Pregnant women

medical treatment period

Those with symptoms such as fever

7 days from the day after symptoms such as fever appeared (day of onset) However, if 24 hours have passed since the symptoms were relieved (below 37.5 ° C without using antipyretics etc.).
In addition, until the 10 days have passed, please thoroughly take voluntary infection prevention actions, such as taking your own temperature, refraining from contact with people at risk of aggravation, such as the elderly, and actions with a high risk of infection. .


7 days from the day after the inspection date
If the test kit test is negative on the 5th day, it will be canceled from the 6th day.
However, until the 7 days have passed, please thoroughly take voluntary infection prevention actions, such as taking your own temperature, refraining from contact with people who are at risk of becoming seriously ill, such as the elderly, and activities with a high risk of infection. .

About health observation from public health center

The public health center will only contact those who are subject to the notification of the outbreak .
If you are not eligible for the notification of the outbreak and would like to have your health observed, please register at the "Positive Person Registration Center".

Those who are subject to notification of occurrence

Health observations are carried out using "My HER-SYS" or "automatic call" using the new coronavirus infected person information acquisition and management information system (HER-SYS).


Please access My HER-SYS on your smartphone or computer and enter your health status by 10:00 am.
If the input cannot be confirmed, the public health center may call you to confirm the situation.
In addition, after confirming the entered information, the public health center may call you, so please cooperate with health observation.

About automatic calls

If you are unable to enter data in My HER-SYS, have your mobile phone or fixed-line phone called at 9:00 a.m. every day from the system for identifying and managing information on people infected with the new coronavirus (HER-SYS) with an AI-powered automated voice. I'll enjoy having this.
Voice guidance will flow, so please enter your health condition with the push button.

Sending information about medical treatment

We will send an SMS (short message) from Ota City to the number below.

  • For docomo, au, Rakuten Mobile: 03-5744-1360
  • Softbank: 0032-06-9000

In addition, for those who are at risk of aggravation such as underlying diseases, the public health center will contact you by phone separately.
If you have any concerns about your symptoms, please consult your doctor or family doctor.
In addition, for some people, medical institutions may conduct health observations.
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

About medical treatment

Those who test positive will be treated in one of the following ways, depending on their medical condition and whether or not they have a chronic disease.
Those who are subject to notification of the outbreak will be investigated sequentially by the public health center and the treatment method will be decided.

  • home care
  • Accommodation medical treatment
  • hospitalization

home care

If you have any concerns during your home care, please contact the Home Care Support Center (Uchisapo Tokyo).

Home Care Support Center (Uchisapo Tokyo)

[Phone number] 0120-670-440
[Reception hours] 24 hours

Link to external site Opens in a new window.

Home care handbook

The Infection Control Team of the Tokyo Metropolitan iCDC Expert Board has created a "handbook for home care patients" regarding infection control measures at home.

This pamphlet summarizes what you should be aware of and what you and your family members should know in order not to spread the infection to others while you are recuperating at home.

We have summarized the points from the story of ventilation experts about ventilation at home. Please refer to it.

Health and medical consultation information

Here are some frequently asked questions about home care.

Preparing for home care

Is there anything I should prepare for home recuperation?

It is safe to prepare food in advance as well as disaster countermeasures.

  • Staple food such as udon and cereal
  • Retort food and instant food
  • mineral water etc.

There are also ways to use online supermarkets and home delivery.

Is it safe to take over-the-counter antipyretics?

No problem. If you have a chronic disease or are pregnant, please consult your doctor.

What should I do if I run out of medicine?

If the medical institution where you were diagnosed provides telemedicine, please contact them. If you are unsure, the public health center will introduce you to a medical institution that can handle it, so please contact us.
For details, please visit the following site.
Let's prepare for medical treatment (Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau of Social Welfare and Public Health website)

Accommodation medical treatment

Those who are subject to notification of occurrence

As a result of the investigation by the public health center, when accommodation treatment is decided, admission is decided through the public health center.

Those who are not subject to notification of occurrence

If you would like to stay overnight, please apply using the contact information below.
In addition, it is necessary to register in advance at the Tokyo Positive Person Registration Center.

Tokyo accommodation medical treatment application window

[Phone number] 03-5320-5997
[Reception hours] Open all year round from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm [Languages] Supports 11 languages ​​including Japanese (English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Nepali, Myanmar, Thai , French, Portuguese, Spanish)

Accommodation is free of charge and lunch is provided.
Facilities cannot be specified.
For more information on accommodation life, please check the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's accommodation and medical introduction video , "Unexpectedly comfortable!
In addition, please refer to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government website below for a list of facilities and details regarding accommodation treatment.


Hospitalization is treated as "recommended hospitalization" based on the Infectious Disease Law.
Medical expenses required for inpatient treatment will be covered by public funds and will not be borne by you, but you may have to bear some of them, such as renting hospital clothes.
Therefore, please check the explanation of the medical institution where you are hospitalized.
In addition, you may have to bear the cost when you move from an infectious disease bed to a general bed due to the treatment of other diseases.
Hospitalization is required until discharge criteria are met. In addition, while in hospital, it is necessary to follow the instructions of doctors and nurses. (You cannot leave the hospital at your own discretion.)

Items required for hospitalization may differ depending on the hospital where you are admitted. note that.


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