For Correct Understanding of Novel Coronavirus Infection (Vaccination, etc.) [Message from the Japan Medical Association to the Public]

December 9, 2022

For Correct Understanding of Novel Coronavirus Infection (Vaccination, etc.) [Message from the Japan Medical Association to the Public]

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tell me! Nichii-kun Corona measures for winter! [Japan Medical Association]
This video is for the purpose of calling for early vaccination in response to the fact that vaccination against the Omicron strain (BA.1) has started and there is concern about the simultaneous epidemic of corona and influenza this winter. I made it. In the video, Executive Director Satoshi Kamasaki, who is in charge of infectious disease crisis management and vaccination at the Japan Medical Association, answers questions from the official mascot of the Japan Medical Association, "Nichii-kun". 1) Effectiveness of corresponding vaccines, Is it possible to vaccinate against coronavirus and influenza at the same time?

Medical institution implementing measures to prevent infection such as new coronavirus infectious disease Everyone's peace of mind mark

  • Everyone's safety mark

    With the spread of the new coronavirus, medical institutions are working more than ever to prevent infection, but those who have been to the hospital or who have become ill due to a major change in their lifestyle are at increased risk of infection. There is a current situation where people are afraid to refrain from visiting a medical institution or postpone it.
    In addition, there are many people who are worried about their children's infection and refrain from vaccinations or cancel health checkups.
    If this situation continues, it will hinder the early detection and prevention of diseases, which are the strengths of Japanese medical care, and could have a serious impact on the health of the public.
    In light of this situation, the Japan Medical Association has issued a “Medical Service for Preventing Infection Prevention against Novel Coronavirus Infections, etc.” to medical institutions that are thoroughly implementing infection prevention measures so that patients can visit medical institutions with peace of mind. We have decided to issue the Institution Everyone's Peace of Mind Mark.
    This mark will be issued when the medical institution answers that it has implemented all the items of the infection prevention self-checklist.
    A list of medical institutions that have issued this mark can be found below.
    List of medical institutions issuing the “Safety Mark for Everyone”【9.8MB】
    (2020/8/7-2022/11/30) Updated December 9, 2022

Request for Donations - To Support Medical Workers and Medical Sites Responding to COVID-19 -

In order to receive vaccinations for new coronavirus infections with peace of mind

The Japan Medical Association has posted a Q&A on various questions for the general public so that they can receive vaccinations for the new coronavirus infection with peace of mind. If you have any questions about vaccines, or if you are elderly or have underlying medical conditions, please consult your family doctor or local medical association.

For the latest information on the new corona vaccine, please visit the government homepage.
Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare: "New Corona Vaccine Q&A"
Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare: "About the new corona vaccine"
Prime Minister's Office: "About the new corona vaccine"

To those who have made a reservation for the new corona vaccine Before receiving the vaccine -Vaccine and side effects-

The following is an easy-to-understand explanation so that you can vaccinate safely and with peace of mind. Please read it before getting vaccinated.

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