In preparation for the simultaneous epidemic of new coronavirus infection and influenza

This winter, there is a possibility that the new coronavirus infection and influenza will be prevalent at the same time. If the epidemic spreads, it is conceivable that there will be a shortage of fever outpatients. In preparation for the simultaneous epidemic, please prepare test kits, antipyretic analgesics, food items, and consider vaccination.

Preparing for the Corona/Influenza Simultaneous Epidemic

Tokyo Temporary Online Fever Center

In Tokyo, in response to the simultaneous epidemic and spread of the new coronavirus infection and influenza this winter, in response to the urgent need for fever outpatients due to the spread of infection, an online We have opened the "Tokyo Temporary Online Fever Medical Center" to provide medical care.
( Suspected positive coronavirus self-test So, the symptoms are stable and you can judge by yourself that you do not need to see a medical institution, If you can use over-the-counter medicines to treat yourself at home, please first register with the Tokyo Positive Person Registration Center. . )

In addition, since face-to-face medical treatment is the basic method of consultation when you have a fever, please consider visiting your family doctor or a nearby medical institution first, and then use it when it is difficult to go to an outpatient clinic.

Please check the link below for details.

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