About issuance of home medical treatment certificate in new coronavirus infectious disease

*Regarding the schedule for sending home medical care certificates during the year-end and New Year holidays

Reiwa 4th year last shipping procedure Wednesday, December 28th go to

Reiwa 5th year first shipping procedure Wednesday, January 4 go to

[Important] For those diagnosed after September 26, 2022

In the partial revision of the Infectious Diseases Law Enforcement Regulations that came into force on September 26, 2022, we decided to prioritize the notification of outbreaks of new coronavirus infections.

As a result, after September 26, 2022 The following 4 types are subject to notification by a doctor.

Therefore, if you do not fall under any of the 4 types and are not subject to a doctor's notification (*), we will not issue a notice of work restriction, etc. and a certificate of home medical treatment.

*Since an outbreak notification based on the Infectious Diseases Law is not created only by testing at a free testing site or testing at home using an antigen test kit, etc., it is not possible to create a notification of an outbreak, so a notice of work restrictions, etc. and a certificate of home medical treatment. cannot be issued.

〇 Target of notification of outbreak

①Persons aged 65 and over

②Those who require hospitalization

*Even if hospitalization is not required immediately at the time of diagnosis, it also includes cases where a doctor determines that there is a possibility that hospitalization may be necessary due to underlying diseases, etc.

(3) Persons who are at risk of becoming severe and who require administration of new corona therapeutic drugs


Those who are at risk of severe disease and who newly need oxygen administration due to the new corona infection

④ Pregnant women

You can view your medical certificate in My HER-SYS!

From the screen of My HER-SYS, it is now possible to immediately display a medical certificate stating that you have contracted the new coronavirus infection.

If you are requesting a certificate for purposes such as insurance claims, in principle, please use the medical certificate that can be displayed on My HER-SYS. (Both PC and smartphone are possible)

How to display the medical certificate Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare leaflet (PDF: 654KB) Please confirm.

*Please contact 03-6812-7818 for information on how to operate My HER-SYS.

(Monday to Friday (excluding weekends and holidays) 9:30 to 18:15)

The following people can create a certificate of medical treatment in My HER-SYS

① Those who have undergone tests (PCR test, antigen test, etc.) at a medical institution and have been diagnosed with a new coronavirus infection by a doctor (those who fall under the 4 types after September 26, 2022).
* "Suspected disease patients (so-called presumed positive)" cannot display the medical certificate on My HER-SYS.

② Those who are registered with My HER-SYS

For those who were diagnosed after June 30, 2020, the method of issuing a home care certificate will change!

After June 30th If you have been diagnosed with a new coronavirus infection, you can issue a home care certificate without mailing the application form (*).

*You need to answer the questionnaire on SMS (Short Message Service) sent to your mobile phone number.

It is not necessary to send the home medical treatment certificate application form by mail (*) .

*If you are unable to receive SMS or have forgotten to reply via SMS, please use the "Application for Certificate of Home Medical Care (from June 30, 2022)" or "Notice of Work Restrictions, etc." and home medical care certificate issuance application form (from August 26, 2020)” and mail it to the Koto Ward Public Health Center.

●If you only want a certificate of home medical care

・Home medical treatment certificate grant application (for after June 30, 2022) (PDF: 89KB)

・Home medical treatment certificate issuance application form (entry example) (PDF: 70KB)

If you wish to receive a notice of work restrictions and a certificate of home medical treatment (*)

・Notice such as work restrictions and home medical treatment certificate grant application (for after August 26, 2022) (PDF: 68KB)

・Notification such as work restrictions and home medical treatment certificate issuance application (entry example) (PDF: 71KB)

*For those who have been diagnosed with the new coronavirus infection after August 26, 2022, we will send it to those who answered that they would like a notice of work restrictions, etc. in the SMS questionnaire. However, we will not send a notice of work restrictions, etc. to those who have been diagnosed as deemed positive. In this case, only the home medical care certificate will be shipped.

For those diagnosed on or after June 30, 2022, home medical care certificates will be created in accordance with the notification from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

Concept of medical treatment period at the time of insurance claim

Period in accordance with the standards for the cancellation of medical treatment of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare * (Example: 7 days in principle) Payment will be made based on the proof of the start date of accommodation or home medical treatment, and accommodation medical treatment or home medical treatment of end No proof of expiration date required I decided to treat it like this.

*Since September 7, 2022, the period in accordance with the medical treatment cancellation criteria in the case of symptoms has been shortened from 10 days to 7 days in principle.

This was discussed with the Japan Medical Association, the Financial Services Agency, the Life Insurance Association of Japan, and the General Insurance Association of Japan in the Administrative Notice of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare issued on February 15, 2020 (partially revised on April 27, 2022). It's already done.

therefore, As a general rule, it is possible to claim insurance with a notice of work restrictions, etc. .

If your insurance company asks you to end your medical treatment, please explain this to us.

* If symptoms persist for more than 7 days from the start of home treatment, please visit a medical institution through online medical treatment.

June 29, 2020 For those who were diagnosed before this date, please check the following:

Points to note when requesting the issuance of a home care certificate

*Currently, the number of inquiries regarding home medical care certificates is increasing significantly. Please be sure to check the following contents before applying. Please note that applications can only be submitted by mail. note that. In addition, since it will be proof after the home medical treatment period has been finalized, please apply after the health observation period is over.

child Until now, when claiming benefits such as medical insurance, a "home care certificate" issued by the ward was required, but with a new notification from the government, in principle, it is now possible to replace it with a "work restriction notice". . In addition, it is not necessary to request issuance of a "Notice of Employment Restriction".

Therefore, in principle, when claiming benefits such as medical insurance, please use the "Notification of Employment Restriction" issued by the city as proof.

Please apply for the "Certificate of Home Medical Treatment" only if you cannot prove it with the "Notice of Restriction of Employment" as described below. For other inquiries regarding benefits, please contact each insurance company.

①When the period of home treatment is within 10 days

→Basically, we do not issue home medical care certificates. (It can be replaced by "Notice of Work Restriction")

② Other than ① or when claiming injury and sickness allowance

→ We can issue a home care certificate. (Issuance request to the ward is required)

A certificate of home recuperation is a document that certifies the period of recuperation under the diagnosis of COVID-19, and its use is limited to insurance claims. The period of home care is determined by the public health center based on the date of onset, date of diagnosis, etc.

Verifiable person and verification period (※Please be sure to read it.)

Those who can prove it are those who meet all of the following conditions (1) to (3).

(1) Those who have been diagnosed with the new coronavirus infection

(2) Persons who have been subject to employment restrictions, etc. by Koto Ward (The place of residence registration does not necessarily match.)

(3) Those who were recuperated at home

* If you need a certificate of medical treatment at a lodging facility (hotel), please check the document provided by the lodging facility when you leave.

* If you need a medical certificate for hospitalization, please check with the medical institution where you were admitted.

The period that can be entered on the home care certificate is the period of time when work is restricted by Koto Ward (Note 1) after the date of diagnosis of the new coronavirus infection (test date/positive date). (Note 2).

(Note 1) Employment restrictions are, in accordance with the provisions of Article 18 of the Infectious Diseases Control Law, to prevent the spread of infectious diseases until the risk of infection disappears. The period of work restriction is from the date of diagnosis (diagnosis date) based on the notification of the outbreak from the medical institution (doctor) who diagnosed the new coronavirus infection to the end of medical treatment set by the public health center. It is a period until (end date of health observation).

(Note 2) In case of new coronavirus infection at a medical institution Koto Ward will not be able to provide proof of home care for the period during which you were receiving medical care at home before the diagnosis, or for the period after the end of the health observation period at your own discretion. . In addition, if the date of onset is the start date of home treatment, it is only when the test date and the onset date are the same day, or the diagnosis date (positive date) and the onset date are the same day.

Application method

Print out the application form below, fill it out, and send it to the billing address below.Apply by mail please. (Please note that we do not accept applications at the counter.)

*Applicants are responsible for the cost of mailing.

・Home medical treatment certificate grant application (PDF: 72KB)

*If there are any inadequacies or doubts about the information provided, we may ask for confirmation.

<Billing Address>


2-1-1 Toyo, Koto-ku

Infectious Disease Control Section, Health Prevention Division, Koto Ward Public Health Center

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