Information about new coronavirus infectious disease (summary)

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December 28, 2020 update
Updated the message from the mayor .

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Information about vaccination

Inoculation of new coronavirus vaccine
Inoculation information, venues/hospitals, announcements, etc. are posted.

Information about new coronavirus infectious disease

About correspondence when symptom such as fever appears

This page summarizes what to do if you have symptoms such as fever .
First, we provide an easy-to-understand flowchart .
If you suspect that you have been infected with the virus, please check the following as the response to symptoms such as fever and sore throat will differ depending on whether you are at high risk or low risk .

Various consultations, etc.

Please refer to the above page for consultations when you have symptoms such as fever, guidelines for seeing a doctor, general telephone consultations (if you have no symptoms, people who have been in close contact with you, etc.), and frequently asked questions.

For those with hearing and speech disabilities

Sign language and letters are used to provide information about the new coronavirus infection.
We also provide consultation services for people with hearing and speech disabilities.

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Tokyo Tokyo Metropolitan area Also on the homepage of knowledge death I am letting you.
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Thorough implementation of basic infection prevention measures

In order to prevent the spread of infection again, we ask all residents to cooperate with the following.

To all residents

  • Let's "ventilate" frequently, avoid crowded places and times as much as possible, and "avoid the 3 Cs (close-contact settings, closed spaces, crowded places)".
  • Make sure to "wear a mask" when talking to people or in crowded places, use a certified restaurant that has thorough infection prevention measures for dinner, and wear a mask after dinner.
  • Let's do "hand washing and hand disinfection" frequently.

The ward's way of thinking along with "Efforts to prevent the spread of infection" in Tokyo

For details, see the link below.

The opening situation of facility of ward

Please check from the link below.

Message from the mayor

Information on various support and benefits

To residents

Information on elementary and junior high schools, kindergartens, nursery schools, after-school clubs, etc.

Information on events, opening status of facilities, etc.

For facility information, please also see the " Facility Information " page.

Information for businesses

Click here for information on how to respond to the new coronavirus infection and measures against hospital infections.

For students with financial difficulties


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