New coronavirus infectious disease related information

Be aware that anyone in your daily life may become an infected person or a close contact person, and thoroughly implement basic infection prevention measures such as wearing a non-woven mask, washing your hands, disinfecting your hands, and avoiding the three Cs. Please.
In addition, please refrain from going out to places with a high risk of infection and refraining from actions that pose a high risk of infection.
Assuming that you or your family will be infected or have close contact with the virus and will not be able to go out, prepare the necessary amount of daily necessities.

What is the novel coronavirus? number of infected About vaccination chatbot

Infection consultation desk
Consultation window

・Tokyo Metropolitan Fever Consultation Center 03-5320-4592 (24 hours), etc. ・Questions about the new coronavirus (chatbot)

various support

About support (for individuals)
Support (for pregnant women)
About support (for businesses)
About support (about support during home treatment)

School, nursery school, child care, etc.

・Support for municipal schools/libraries ・Management of Smile School ・Support for kindergartens/nursery schools, etc.

To everyone related to business establishments in the ward

・Response when an employee is infected ・Telework/Staggered working hours ・For medical personnel, etc.

To all foreigners ( To all foreigners )

・Information about the new coronavirus infectious disease (COVID-19) (English/Chinese/Korean/Yasashii Nihongo), etc. ・Tokyo Multilingual Consulation Navi
Telephone number 03-6258-1227
・Tokyo Metropolitan Government Domestic Violence Consultation Service

Approach, news of ward
Efforts of the wardMessage from Shinagawa Ward Mayor
Response status of administrative services and facilities
About procedures that can be done without coming to the agency

Various posters and flyer data
Poster/Flyer・"Let's avoid the 3 Cs!"
(Prime Minister's Office/Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare)
・"Switch to a new lifestyle"
(Shinagawa Ward) etc.
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