Those who have undergone a PCR test or antigen test for the new coronavirus infection, or those who have been in close contact

About the Tokyo Positive Registration Center

In August 2022, the Tokyo metropolitan government opened the Tokyo Positive Person Registration Center in order to alleviate the concentration of people visiting medical institutions for medical examinations and testing in response to the rapid spread of the new coronavirus infection.

We will accept applications for positive person registration online for those who are not subject to notification of outbreaks, such as those who are suspected to be positive in tests such as medical antigen test kits at home, or who have been diagnosed as positive at a medical institution. .

For details and how to apply, please see the link below.

Tokyo positive person registration center (we link to the outside page)

For those affected

For those who have been in close contact

Close contacts have the possibility of developing symptoms themselves and the possibility of spreading the infection to others even if they are asymptomatic. If you are diagnosed with a new coronavirus infection, such as a family member living with you, and think that you may be a close contact person, please take care of yourself and take a health observation period to prevent the deterioration of your physical condition and the spread of infection. Please refrain from going out inside.

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For those in contact with the patient

Test kit application site for those who have been in close contact (link to an external page)

For people close to you who have become infected with the new coronavirus ~If you think you are a close contact person~ (Links to an external page.)

For those who live with those affected by the new coronavirus infection

The new coronavirus infectious disease is considered to be transmitted by droplet infection and contact infection. Please refer to the following information to prevent domestic infections.

In addition, family members and people living together may already be infected. During the health observation period, please monitor your own health condition and contact the consultation desk if you have any symptoms.

Consultation list
Bunkyo Ward New Corona Consultation Desk Phone number: 03-5803-1824

Reception hours: From 9:00 to 17:00

(Excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)

Tokyo Fever Consultation Center

(Nurses/Public health nurses are available)

Phone number: 03-5320-4592 / 03-6258-5780

Reception hours: 24 hours (every day including weekends and holidays)

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