Extension of deadline for routine immunization due to the spread of new coronavirus infectious disease (routine immunization for children)

On March 19, 2020, based on the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare's Health Division Health Division office communication, the deadline for routine immunizations has been set in consideration of the risk of contracting the new coronavirus infection due to consultations for routine immunizations for children. extend the If the deadline is extended, it can be carried out as a routine immunization with a public subsidy (free of charge) even after the target deadline.

Implementation period

Those whose deadline has passed after March 19, 2020 are eligible.
Items that have expired before March 18, 2020 are not eligible. Also, please note that vaccinations that have already been inoculated at your own expense are not covered.
The end date of the extension measures is undecided at this time.

Eligible routine immunizations

DPT (mixture of three types), inactivated polio, BCG, MR (mixture of measles and rubella), Japanese encephalitis, DT2 (mixture of two types)
Rotavirus and mumps are not covered by this extended response measure.

The following vaccinations are subject to extension measures, but there is an upper age limit for vaccination at public expense.

  1. Under 4: BCG
  2. Under 6 years: Pediatric Pneumococcus
  3. Under 10: Hibs
  4. Under 15 years old: DPT-IPV (4 types mixed)

Implementation method

Please consult with your family doctor in advance and consider extending the deadline for vaccinations. (If an extension is considered possible, the medical institution will contact theImmunization Section of the Health Prevention Division . No application to the ward is necessary, so please contact the medical institution directly.)
As soon as it becomes possible for you to be vaccinated, please bring the Vaccination Preliminary Examination Sheet, Maternal and Child Health Handbook, and Health Insurance Card to a medical institution and get vaccinated.

place of inoculation

As a general rule, please vaccinate at a medical institution in Meguro Ward. In addition, you may be able to receive it at medical institutions in the 22 wards other than Meguro Ward. Please contact the relevant ward or medical institution directly.
For a list of medical institutions in Meguro Ward, please see the " Children's Vaccinations " page.

Points to remember

Routine immunizations for children are extremely important from the perspective of preventing the occurrence and spread of infectious diseases that can be prevented by vaccines. In the Ministry of Labor, it is basically desirable to continue to implement according to the established vaccination schedule.
However, if you have no choice but to extend the prescribed vaccination period and vaccinate, please contact the medical institution directly.
As far as possible, we are requesting the medical institutions that carry out the vaccine to give consideration, such as dividing times and places so that vaccinated persons do not come into contact with patients who visit the hospital for medical purposes.

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