Regarding the infection status and efforts of the new coronavirus infectious disease [Updated November 11]

After the first infection was confirmed in Japan in January 2020, the new coronavirus infection spread rapidly, causing enormous damage to society and the economy, and still poses a threat not only to Japan but also to the world. , continues to rage.

In response to this unprecedented situation, the national government has intermittently declared a state of emergency four times since April 2nd year of Reiwa, requesting people to refrain from going out and moving unless absolutely necessary to prevent the spread of infection. We have taken emergency measures to Setagaya Ward has also implemented measures to prevent infection in order to protect the lives of residents and business activities.

In order to continue to ask the residents for their cooperation in efforts to prevent infection, and to make the city's measures more effective in the future, this document provides information on the infection status in the city and the efforts of the city so far. etc. is summarized.

In July 2020, we compiled an overview of the city's response and future countermeasures, and since then we have regularly summarized the infection status in the city and the city's efforts.

This time, we are summarizing the city's response to the new coronavirus infection (7th wave).

open the pdf file Verification of the 7th wave of the new coronavirus infectious disease (November 2022)

<Summary history of infection status etc. in the ward so far>

・As of July 2020

・As of August 28, 2020

・As of October 28, 2020

・As of December 23, 2020

・As of January 31, 2021

・As of April 18, 2021

・As of July 18, 2021

・As of August 22, 2021

・As of October 24, 2021

・As of January 23, 2022

・As of April 3, 2022

・As of August 14, 2022


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