Handling of alternative support in support for children with disabilities to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infections (as of June 1, 2022)

We would like to inform you about Nakano Ward's current response based on the content notified by the national government and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government regarding the handling of alternative support for support for children with disabilities in day care centers to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infections. In the future, if new policies, etc. are indicated by the national government or the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, please note that they may change. Any changes will be announced on the Nakano City website. Notifications from the national government and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government are posted on the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Service Information for Persons with Disabilities, so please check the latest information.

Regarding the handling of alternative support as of June 1, 2022

Regarding the provision of alternative support for outpatient support for children with disabilities that has been allowed in Nakano Ward since 2020, please refer to "Q&A regarding support for outpatients for children with disabilities to prevent new coronavirus infections" (2021 9 Based on the administrative notice dated May 22, Social and Relief Bureau, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, Disability Welfare Division, Disability Health and Welfare Department , this will continue to be recognized as a special exception for the time being in FY2022 . Requirements, considerations, and notifications to Nakano Ward are as follows.

Requirements etc.

<User requirements>
Users who wish to use alternative support services and who have been judged by Nakano Ward to be effective in using alternative support services.

<Requirements for place of business>
・A menu of treatment and education provided by service users through alternative support must be secured.
・Provide service for 30 minutes or more at a time.
・The same effect as the service provided normally can be obtained.
・Ensure a system that can respond to changes in the physical condition of users and troubles in the communication environment.
・Ensure a system that can respond to inquiries, etc. as necessary at any time.

It is also possible to combine outpatient support with alternative support.


When providing alternative support, please carefully explain to the user in advance that the user's burden will be incurred. Please note that if there is a user's intention that alternative support is not necessary, the service will not be provided.
Regarding the record format, the Tokyo metropolitan government's own form notified to after-school day service providers, etc. "Additional addition and basic Calculation of remuneration" and create it according to this. Records may be requested to be submitted to Nakano Ward as necessary.

* If you provided alternative support, please enter "alternative support (already notified)" in the remarks column of the performance record sheet .

Notification to Nakano Ward

If you wish to provide services through alternative support, please submit the " Notification of Alternative Support for Outpatient Support for Children with Disabilities " . Based on the submitted notification form, the ward will determine whether the user wishes to use the service with alternative support and whether the support effect of using the service with alternative support is recognized.
Please prepare a notification form for each month in which alternative support services are provided , and submit it no later than 10 days before the scheduled date of providing alternative support .

Submission method

Please submit it by e-mail to the person in charge below.

Child Development Support Section, Disabled Welfare Division, Health and Welfare Department, Nakano Ward

Email address: hattatsushien@city.tokyo-nakano.lg.jp
The subject of the email should be "[Business name] Notification of alternative support."

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