Refund of usage fee when canceling the use of facilities due to measures against new coronavirus infectious diseases

In light of the extension of the period of application of priority measures to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infectious diseases to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government until March 6, cancellation of use of facilities due to measures against infectious diseases is as follows. We will refund the full amount of the usage fee.

Eligible people

Those who have paid the usage fee for the following target facilities (rental facilities, etc.) and have canceled their use due to measures against the new coronavirus infectious disease.

Target period

Those who applied for cancellation after January 20, 2022 by March 31, 2022

*Regarding usage after April 2022, if you make a request within the period, we will refund the full amount.

* The procedure differs depending on the facility. For details, please contact each facility below.

Target facility

Each cultural center, general ward center, Koto public hall


Koto Ward Cultural Center 03-3644-8111
Morishita Cultural Center 03-5600-8666
Furuishiba Cultural Center 03-5620-0224
Toyosu Cultural Center 03-3536-5061
Kameido Cultural Center 03-5626-2121
Higashi Oshima Cultural Center 03-3681-6331
Sunamachi Cultural Center 03-3640-1751
General Ward Residents Center 03-3637-2261
Koto Public Hall 03-3635-5500

Basho Memorial Museum, Fukagawa Edo Museum, Nakagawa Funabansho Museum


Basho Memorial Hall 03-3631-1448
Fukagawa Edo Museum 03-3630-8625
Nakagawa Funabansho Museum 03-3636-9091

indoor sports facility


Sports hall 03-3649-1701
Fukagawa Sports Center 03-3820-5881
Kameido Sports Center 03-5609-9571
Ariake Sports Center 03-3528-0191
Higashisuna Sports Center 03-5606-3171
Fukagawa North Sports Center 03-3820-8730

Outdoor sports facilities (Yumenoshima stadium, Shinsuna playground, baseball field, tennis court)


Outdoor sports facilities office 03-3522-0846

Residents' Hall


Tomioka Civic Center 03-3642-8306
Edagawa Community Center 03-3647-6852
Komatsubashi Community Center 03-5606-5581
Toyo Civic Center 03-3645-8651
Sunamachi Community Center 03-3644-2181
Minamisuna Community Center 03-3640-5355

Gender Equality Promotion Center


Gender Equality Promotion Center 03-5683-0341

Industry Hall / Commerce and Industry Information Center


Industry Hall 03-3699-6011
Commerce and Industry Information Center 03-5626-0021

Youth Exchange Plaza


Youth Exchange Plaza 03-3681-7334

Welfare Hall, Fureai Center (Welfare Center for the Elderly), Children's Hall, Grandcha Shinonome


Furuishiba Welfare Hall 03-3641-9531
Shiohama Welfare Hall 03-3647-3901
Senda Welfare Hall 03-3647-0108
Toyo Welfare Hall 03-3647-8180
Kameido Welfare Hall 03-3685-8208
Oshima Welfare Hall 03-3637-2581
Higashisuna Welfare Center 03-3646-0461

Fukagawa Fureai Center 03-3643-1902
Morishita Fureai Center 03-5624-6030
Joto Fureai Center 03-3640-8651
Kameido Fureai Center 03-5609-8822

Morishita Children's Center 03-3635-1535
Tatsumi Children's Center 03-3521-3261
Toyo Children's Center 03-3647-8190
Higashisuna Second Children's Hall 03-3646-1814

Grancha Shinonome 03-5548-1992

education center


Education Center 03-3645-7121

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