Donation of relief supplies for new coronavirus infectious disease countermeasures

Many residents and business operators have donated relief supplies to Setagaya Ward as support for measures against the new coronavirus infectious disease. Thank you very much for your warm support.

The donated goods we received were effectively used to prevent the spread of infection at medical institutions, facilities for the elderly, facilities for the disabled, facilities for children, and within the city government.

Currently, regarding the new coronavirus infectious disease countermeasures, the shortage situation has been resolved, and we will stop accepting donations other than some items.

We would like to ask for your continued understanding and cooperation regarding the ward's measures against the new coronavirus infection.

(Message from Mayor)

Faced with the new coronavirus infection, the shortage of medical protective equipment has created a crisis situation in hospitals and facilities for the elderly. At a time when these items were not sold anywhere, we received warm support from residents and businesses. I was sent to the site where I needed it immediately. From April 30, we have set up a donation to overcome the novel coronavirus in Setagaya City together, and are delivering even more items to the sites where they are needed. Thank you very much for your support.

Introduction of Donors and Donated Items

List of donations
acceptance date Donor name gift

March 3rd


Mr. Masato Ishimura, CEO of Kagaya Co., Ltd. 400 masks
March 15th Mr. Yotaro Oshiro Mr. Seijiro Oshiro 1 box of children's mask
March 19th Kaori Doi 1 box of children's mask
March 19th Mr. Yasuki Setoyama 1 box of children's mask
March 28th Ms. Momoyo Kobayashi 1 box of children's mask
March 31st Kizuna Co., Ltd. 200 liters of hypochlorous acid sterilized water
April 6 Mr. Fuji Konishi, Japanese sake store 40 masks
April 6 Anonymous N95 mask, dust mask
April 6 Topio Water System Co., Ltd. 48 liters of silver ion water
April 8 Keiichi Miyazawa 148 N95 masks
April 9 Hive Co., Ltd. Hypochlorous acid water and container
April 10th NPO Peace Winds Japan 19,600 masks
April 10th Fumie Matsuda 1 N95 mask
April 14th Mr. Yachiyo Suganuma 30 handmade masks for children
April 16th Kozue Nakao 14 masks
April 17th Setagaya Shinkin Bank mask
April 17th Mr. Jiang Li 60,000 masks
April 17th Yukari Oshima 20 N95 masks
April 17th Mr. Mutsuo Yamazaki, Representative Director of SANO Co., Ltd. 3,000 masks
April 20th Anonymous N95 mask
April 20th Mr. Kazuhiko Kato 14 protective suits
April 20th Anonymous 33 N95 masks
April 21st, May 8th Natsuko Tatsumi 300 handmade masks
April 21st Anonymous 100 N95 masks
April 21st Yuuki Shimizu 15 handmade face shields
April 22nd Mr. Akihiro Morimoto N95 mask
April 22nd Mayumi Shimada 3,000 masks
April 22nd Mr. Wang Yaping 3,000 masks
April 22nd Naomi Sato mask
April 22nd Kunie Sekiya handmade mask
April 22nd Yumiko Akashi handmade mask
April 22nd Mr. Atsuya Suguro Mr. Saori Suguro handmade mask
April 22nd Nihon Treat Co., Ltd. 100 dust masks, 200 masks, 200 protective clothing
April 23rd Mr. Tomohiko Momose, Momose Dental Clinic 4,000 masks
April 23rd Setagaya Asia Association dust mask
April 23rd

Suginoko Nursery School Social Welfare Corporation

Yuai Nursery School

172 gowns
April 23rd Michiko Ito thermometer
April 24th Beauty Experience Co., Ltd. 3,360 hand creams
April 24th Anonymous 4 N95 masks
April 27th Koumi Town, Nagano Prefecture 2,000 masks
April 27th Mr. Hiroshi Kobayashi 100 masks
April 27th Ms. Youko Tsubouchi protective clothing
April 28th mediba Co., Ltd. 80 pieces of protective clothing
April 28th Mr. Mitsuharu Watanabe 600 masks, 5 sanitizing sprays
April 28th Mr. Mutsuo Yamazaki Mr. Naomi Fujimura Mr. Masataka Yamamoto 2,000 masks
April 28th Misuzu Coffee Co., Ltd. President Shuhei Suzuki 5 cases of coffee, 5 coffee makers, 5 cases of decaffeinated liquid coffee
April 28th Anonymous 2 raincoats
April 30 Kazuko Nakamura 1 box of masks
April 30 Kotobuki Co., Ltd. 55 social distancing banners
April 30 Mr. Satoshi Fujimoto, Representative Director of Design Garage Co., Ltd. 4,000 masks
April 30 Anonymous 22 N95 masks
May 1st Anonymous 14 N95 masks, 4 goggles, 14 protective suits
May 1st Mr. Yoshihito Cho N95 mask
May 1st Mr. Mitsuo Hamada 450 masks
May 7 Uchida Kako Tokyo Co., Ltd. protective clothing
May 7 Mika Ohashi 50 masks
May 7 Kokuyo Co., Ltd. 100 face shields
May 8th Taeko Ikeyama 49 N95 masks and 4 sanitary items, total 63 items
May 8th Anonymous cloth mask
May 11th Ms. Taeko Morita 40 handmade masks
May 11th Corporate Disaster Relief Team HART
Tomoko Okamoto
160 cloth masks, 200 masks
May 11th Mr. Mori and all supporters 53 cloth masks
May 12 Anonymous 1,000 cloth masks
May 13th Tokyo Setagaya Lions Club 1,500 medical masks
May 13th Esports Co., Ltd. 10,000 masks
May 13th Anonymous 76 raincoats, 10 slippers
May 14th Asahi Electric Industry Co., Ltd. 20,000 masks
May 14th

Orange Co., Ltd.

Mr. Taro Komori, Representative Director

400 masks
May 14th Global Kids Co., Ltd. 63 sets of personal protective equipment, 32 sanitary items, total 5,967 items
May 14th Anonymous 4 raincoats
May 15th, May 28th Dear Mr. Kim Hyun Min and all supporters 600 masks, 250 KN95 masks
May 18th Yakiniku TORERO SHIMOKITAZAWA 4,000 masks
May 20th Mr. IYASAKA Co., Ltd. 1,000 masks
May 21st Kinkando Co., Ltd. 2,800 hand creams
May 22nd HSC Co., Ltd. Slightly acidic hypochlorous acid aqueous solution 60 liters
May 22nd Atlético Quattro (Belonging to the Setagaya Football Association) 1,000 masks
May 22nd FC GIUSTI Setagaya 500 cloth masks
May 25th Anonymous 12 masks
May 26th Anonymous 1,800 cloth masks
May 26th Helios Distillery Co., Ltd. 144 high-concentration ethanol products
May 26th Seiko Instruments Inc. Button type silver battery SR41W (electronic thermometer replacement battery LR41 compatible) 300 pieces
May 27th Anonymous 100 face shields
May 28th Kawasaki Construction Co., Ltd. Mr. Akihiro Shimizu Representative of Kaminoge Odekake Hiroba 940 face shields
May 28th Mr. Akitoshi Takahashi, sommelier of pants All the fashion college students handmade mask
May 28th Mr. Kenichiro Sakaguchi, Sangenjaya ART Ladies Clinic mask
May 28th Anonymous 50 masks
May 28th Eiffel Co., Ltd. 1,000 face shields
June 1 Mr. Akihiro Shimizu Representative of Kaminoge Odekake Hiroba Mr. Kawasaki Construction Co., Ltd. 40 face shields
June 1 Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Tokyo Branch 3,000 500ml plastic bottle drinks
June 1 Goto Optical Laboratory Co., Ltd. 4 face shields
June 1 IF Co., Ltd. mask
June 3rd Kyoei Tea Co., Ltd. 63 boxes of drip coffee, 16 boxes of green tea tea bags, 25 boxes of professional hojicha tea bags
June 4th X-Tra Global Co., Ltd. 600 face shields
June 8 Natsuko Enomoto 5 sets of 3 bags of corn potage, 9 other food items, total 50 items
June 11th Handmade kiharu 68 handmade masks
June 15th Mr. Atsuya Suguro Mr. Saori Suguro handmade mask
June 15th Kunie Sekiya handmade mask
June 15th Ms. Ayumi Tanaka handmade mask
June 15th Ms. Hideko Tokunaga handmade mask
June 15th Miwako Suzuki handmade mask
June 15th Yuko Kojima handmade mask
June 15th Toshiko Otsuchi handmade mask
June 15th Ms. Ayako Yamaguchi handmade mask
June 15th Ms. Seiko Tsuda handmade mask
June 15th Piezo Sonic Inc. 30 face shields
June 23rd Okamoto Textile Co., Ltd.
INDICE Division
27 protective suits
June 25th HSC Co., Ltd. Slightly acidic hypochlorous acid aqueous solution 850 liters
June 26th Fuji Pask Co., Ltd. 1,087 liters of weakly acidic hypochlorous acid sterilized water, 109 atomizers
June 29th Utena Co., Ltd. 22 cases of moisturizing gel
June 30th Jiso Kukan Co., Ltd. 12 alcohol hand gels
July 10 BRA Trading Co., Ltd. 50,000 masks
July 16th LadyLuck7 Inc. 10,000 masks, 28 disinfecting/deodorizing sprays
July 17th Tokyo Setagaya Minami Rotary Club Taipei Johoku Furinsha 1,000 masks
July 20th Studio Atao Co., Ltd. 30,000 masks for elementary school lower grades
July 28th Setagaya Pharmaceutical Association 80 high-concentration ethanol products
July 28th Utena Co., Ltd. 16 cases of moisturizing gel
August 27 THE TOP LAND Co., Ltd. 574 hand sprays, 574 sanitizing sprays
August 27 Meguro Seibi Gakuen Junior and Senior High School 230 masks with messages, 10 alcohol gels
September 3rd Power Up Japan Co., Ltd. 200 liters of hypochlorous acid water
September 11th Setagaya Mutsumikai 212.9 liters of weakly acidic hypochlorous acid sterilized water, 5 atomizers
September 30 Hatakawa Co., Ltd. 2,000 gowns, 2,000 caps
October 16th Chenxin Co., Ltd. Slightly acidic hypochlorous acid water spray 1,250 bottles
October 22nd Utena Co., Ltd. 22 cases of moisturizing gel
October 27 Saori Kano 133 masks
November 12th Pierus Co., Ltd. 880 disinfecting/deodorizing sprays
November 26th Yoko Co., Ltd. 100 hand gels

January 8


Kofuku Shoji LLC 40 cloth masks
January 27 Fumiko Kato 50 handmade masks, 200 medical non-woven gauze
January 27 Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Tokyo Branch 360 bottles of 500ml PET bottled beverages
February 17th Anonymous 665 masks
February 19th Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Tokyo Branch 600 bottles of 500ml plastic bottled drinks, 456 nutritionally balanced foods (jelly), 450 nutritionally balanced foods (liquid)
February 22 Utena Co., Ltd. 690 hand soaps
March 19th Tokyo Setagaya Rotary Club 200 medical protective clothing
March 22 Payke Co., Ltd. 6,000 masks
April 5th

The Dai-ichi Life Insurance Co., Ltd.

Shibuya branch office

50 blood oxygen saturation meters
May 7 Anonymous Alcohol gel 500ml and 37 items
July 6th Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Tokyo Branch 20,304 500ml plastic bottle drinks
August 20th Yokomori Battery Corporation Co., Ltd. 3 disinfectant dispensers
September 6th Meijie Co., Ltd. 29 medical protective clothing
November 15th Accenture Japan Ltd. Non-woven mask, alcohol disinfectant
December 14th OS Co., Ltd. Alcohol gel 500ml 88 bottles


January 5th


Alcohol disinfectant, soap, gloves, etc. Total 90 items

January 21st

monocent Co., Ltd.

Mr. Jun Umeda, Representative Director

non woven mask
February 24th

Karasuyama Shopping District Promotion Association

President Masanao Sumida

300 soft drinks
March 27 Anonymous 500 masks
June 20th Alamode Co., Ltd. 1,820 bottles of alcohol gel
August 8 Anonymous 37 masks, 5 hand sanitizers, etc.
November 25 Gojo Japan Co., Ltd. 3,960 bottles of hand sanitizer

* Acceptance until November 2022. (We will update from time to time.)

* Only donors who have given their consent to be published are introduced.

* Depending on the wishes of the donors, the names of the donors and the amount may not be posted.

photo of donation Second photo of donated items

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