Request to residents to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection

Efforts to prevent the spread of infection

We ask for the continued cooperation of the residents.

early vaccination

  • The Omicron strain vaccine is expected to be more effective than conventional vaccines.
  • Those aged 12 years and over who have received the first and second vaccinations can receive the Omicron strain vaccine once per person if three months or more have passed since the last vaccination.

Self-infection prevention measures

  • Even in winter, ventilate the room by opening windows or using a ventilation fan.
  • Please avoid crowded places and times as much as possible and avoid the 3Cs.
  • Wearing a mask is very important as a measure to prevent infection, so please be sure to wear a mask, especially when talking to people or in crowded places.
  • If you feel unwell, please refrain from going out, going to work, or going to school.
  • For dinner, please use a certified restaurant that has thorough infection prevention measures, and wear a mask after dinner.
  • When meeting with the elderly, etc., please take thorough measures to prevent infection.
  • Please take basic infection prevention measures thoroughly even at school events.
  • Please frequently wash your hands and disinfect your hands.

Preparing for the simultaneous epidemic of corona and influenza

  • Stock up for when you have a fever.

(For example, corona test kits, antipyretic analgesics, groceries and daily necessities for a week, etc.)

  • Let's check the reception method according to the risk of aggravation.

 Tokyo enlightenment poster (PDF file; 796KB)

(Click the image to open the PDF file.)

“Five Situations” where the Risk of Infection Increases (Cabinet Secretariat)

5 scenes

"Five Situations" where the Risk of Infection Increases (Poster)

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I would like cooperation for infectious disease measures (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare flyer for public information)

Don't ``Closed'', ``Crowded'', and ``Close-contact'' Flyers

(Click the image to open the PDF file.)

Do not "close", "crowd", and "closely"! (PDF file; 1755KB)

Avoid Closed spaces, Crowded places, and Close-contact settings! (PDF file; 1700KB)

Closed spaces, crowds of people, close contact! (PDF file; 1764KB)

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