Notice of dental checkup for pregnant women in Shinjuku City

The first trimester of pregnancy is a difficult time both physically and mentally.
Depending on your mood, you may not be able to brush your teeth, your eating habits may change, and the environment in your mouth may deteriorate.
When morning sickness settles down and becomes stable, please take advantage of the Prenatal Dental Health Checkup to learn about the condition of your mouth and use it for prevention and treatment.
Also, please find a "family dentist" in your neighborhood to protect your oral health after childbirth.

Target audience

Those who are pregnant and have a resident registration in the city
*This service is also available for pregnant women who were unable to receive medical care during pregnancy due to moving to a new home or giving birth at home.

How to see a doctor

At the same time as the mother and child health handbook, we will issue a “consultation slip” and a “notice/name list”.
If you do not have a consultation slip, please contact the following contact information so that we can issue a consultation slip.

★ You can use the health checkup card from the time you are pregnant until one year after giving birth.
(Example: Birth on May 1 → Until April 30 of the following year)
★ You can use the checkup slip only once during pregnancy and after childbirth.
★ The checkup slip can only be used at the "collaborating dental institutions" listed in the notice.


●Shinjuku Ward Pregnant Woman Dental Health Checkup is as follows.
Oral examination (palpation/visual examination): Check for cavities and periodontal disease using instruments (mirrors, etc.).
Dental Health Guidance: You can consult about dentistry, such as toothbrushing methods suitable for individual oral conditions.

●About cost
There is no cost burden (self-payment).
*However, if you wish to have an examination or treatment other than the above, you will be charged a copayment.

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