Regarding the opening of the Shinjuku City National Health Insurance Office Center

With the aim of streamlining operations and further improving services for residents, the ward will establish the "Shinjuku National Health Insurance Administration Center" on a consignment basis to respond to inquiries regarding enrollment in the national health insurance, insurance premiums, etc.

1 Date of opening
Monday, February 1, 2021
2 Main business
(1) Telephone response work
We will respond to inquiries about joining the National Health Insurance, insurance premiums, etc.
(2) Internal affairs
We perform clerical work related to various applications such as loss of eligibility for National Health Insurance, application for high-cost medical expenses, and claim for refund of insurance premiums.
[1] Confirmation and input of various application forms for National Health Insurance
[2] Enclosing an insurance card and notification
3 Installation location Health department medical insurance and pension section (4th floor of the main building of the ward office) 1 section about 15m 2
4 Contractor Japan Business Data Processing Center Co., Ltd.

In addition, when outsourcing, we will comply with the Shinjuku City Personal Information Protection Ordinance, Shinjuku City Information Security Measures Standards, laws and guidelines related to specific personal information, etc.

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Shinjuku ward Department of Health - Medical Insurance and Pension Division
General Affairs Section, Medical Insurance and Pension Division, Health Department, Shinjuku City
Telephone 03-5273-3880 (direct)
FAX +81-3-3209-1436

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