Suicide Countermeasures in Shinjuku Ward: Aiming to Realize a Society Where No One Will Be Driven to Suicide

2020 Shinjuku Ward Gatekeeper Training Course
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The number of suicides nationwide in 2021 was 21,007, a decrease of 74 compared to 2020, when the number increased for the first time in 11 years since 2009. It is said that the impact of the new coronavirus infection on society as a whole has exacerbated various problems such as the economy, family, health, nursing care, and childcare, and the risk of suicide, especially among women and young people, is increasing. The number of suicides in Shinjuku Ward was 73, and although it decreased by 16 compared to 2nd year of Reiwa, which increased for the first time in six years, the suicide rate is higher than before Corona.

There are various causes and backgrounds of suicide, but most of them are regarded as social problems that can be prevented. Based on the Basic Act on Suicide Countermeasures and the General Principles of Suicide Countermeasures, Shinjuku City will promote comprehensive suicide countermeasures with the aim of realizing a "society in which no one is forced to commit suicide."
*Suicide rate indicates the number of suicides per 100,000 population.

■ Signs of suicide ■
  1. Symptoms of depression (feeling depressed, self-blame, poor work performance, persistent insomnia)
  2. Severe physical illness with prolonged unexplained physical ailments
  3. drinking more
  4. A sudden increase in work load, making a big mistake, losing a job
  5. Lack of support at work or home
  6. Losing something of value to the person (job, position, family, property)
  7. talk about suicide
  8. suicide attempt

Reference: Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare "Suicide prevention and response in the workplace"

Shinjuku City Suicide Countermeasures Plan

In Shinjuku City, we will further promote the strengthening of the counseling system and the utilization of networks that the ward has been working on as suicide countermeasures so far, aiming for a society in which no one is forced to commit suicide. In March 2019, the "Shinjuku Ward Suicide Countermeasure Plan" was formulated as the "Municipal Suicide Countermeasure Plan" stipulated in Article 13, Paragraph 2 of the Basic Law.

List of consultation desks

If you have a problem or have a problem, do not try to keep it to yourself.

List of consultation counters for troubles and troubles

Image of a list of consultation desks for problems and concerns
For those who have troubles and worries, we are making a booklet that summarizes information by category. The booklet is distributed at various places in the agency (special branch offices, health centers, etc.) and related organizations in the city. If you have a problem or have a problem, don't keep it to yourself.

Shinjuku Sodan Navi

You can search for consultation counters according to your concerns and problems, such as life problems and physical problems.

Gatekeeper training course

◆ Gatekeeper training course (online)
“How to notice and get involved with people who are suffering”
●Video distribution period: From June 20, 2020 (Monday) to March 31, 2023 (Friday)
Lecturer: Mr. Jiro Ito (Representative Director of NPO OVA, Mental Health Social Worker,
He has served as a member of the Cabinet Office and the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, and a member of the Shinjuku City Suicide Countermeasures Council, etc.)
● Contents: (1) How to notice and respond to people who are suffering -role of gatekeeper-
(2) How to deal with people who are troubled by thinking about cases
(3) How to deal with stress

The video can be viewed from the link below.

About Gatekeeper

Gatekeeper means "gatekeeper".
A gatekeeper in suicide countermeasures is defined as "the role of noticing signs of suicide by people close to you, listening to their stories, and connecting them to specialized counseling agencies as needed, in the community, workplace, education, and various other fields." A person who is expected to
The city trains human resources (gatekeepers) who can notice, talk to, listen to, and provide necessary support to people with problems.

Other various enlightenment materials

Shinjuku City has created various booklets and pamphlets as suicide prevention measures.

Bereaved family support leaflet "For those who have lost a loved one"

Bereaved family support leaflet "For those who have lost a loved one" image
For bereaved families of suicide, we provide information about counseling and gathering places.

Counseling for Mental Problems Pocket Tissue

In March and September, which are suicide countermeasures strengthening months, pocket tissues with information on the "Mental Concern Counseling" conducted at health centers are distributed at various locations in the city. Do you have symptoms such as inability to sleep, lack of appetite, or feeling tired?
In such a case, do not worry alone, consult early.

"To you who are worried alone"

To you who are worried alone. Why don't you confide in your worries?

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