Intractable disease projects in Shinjuku City (lectures, rehabilitation, etc.)

Intractable disease treatment consultation and lectures by specialists

At the health center, medical consultations and lectures are held by medical specialists.
In addition, it may be changed to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection.
For details, please contact the health center where the event will be held.

Rehabilitation class/exchange meeting

In order to disseminate correct knowledge and understanding of illness, rehabilitation, and recuperation life, we hold rehabilitation classes that combine practical skills and recreation by specialists such as physical therapists, and provide patients with a place to exchange information about experiences and recuperation and share their feelings.・Hold a family get-together.
For participation in the class and inquiries, please refer to the leaflet and contact the health center directly.
In addition, it may be changed to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection.

・Parkinson gymnastics class Held once a month (11 times a year) at the Higashi-Shinjuku Health Center.
・Shinjuku Intractable Disease Salon Held four times a year at the Ochiai Health Center.

Support for patients with intractable diseases at home

For patients with intractable diseases who are being treated at home and are not eligible for benefits under the Long-Term Care Insurance Act, the Act on Support and Support for Persons with Disabilities, etc., we will provide home help services and daily life tools such as special beds. In addition, there are systems such as home-visit medical treatment, medical equipment rental, and home-visit nursing care. For more information, Tokyo Metropolitan Government Support Page for Patients with Intractable Diseases Please refer to the.

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