[Corona vaccine for children] Please be sure to check before making a reservation

<For parents of children aged 5 to 11>

For new corona vaccination (reservation) for children, please refer to the following materials. Please read , Considering the merits (what can be expected) and demerits (worries) of inoculation, Please consider.

・As of September 6, an obligation to make efforts (*) will be applied to vaccination of children with the new coronavirus.

* The obligation to make efforts is the provision of the Preventive Vaccination Law that "must make efforts to receive vaccinations". different from duty . Vaccination is not compulsory, and the decision to be vaccinated is ultimately based on the consent of the child and his or her guardian.

Please read before making an appointment for vaccination

Precautions for inoculation

  • The new coronavirus vaccine must be given 13 days before and after other vaccines.
  • Please pay attention to the intervals between the MR vaccine for 5-year-old children, the DT vaccine for 11-year-old children, and the Japanese encephalitis second stage vaccination. If you have any concerns, please consult your family doctor.
  • The target age for vaccination is based on the age at the time of the first vaccination. For those who received the pediatric vaccine for the first time, even if they reach their 12th birthday by the time of the second vaccination, the second dose will be for children.

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