Partial subsidy for voluntary influenza vaccination for children

About childhood influenza vaccination

Nakano Ward subsidizes part of the cost of vaccinations for children from 6 months of age to those who have not yet entered elementary school.

Influenza vaccination for children is not a routine vaccination , which is obligatory under the Immunization Act, but a voluntary vaccination . .

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Eligible people, period, details of subsidy

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When inoculating outside the ward

How to get vaccinations

Effects and side effects of vaccines

Victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake
Victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake fashion information

Precautions when receiving vaccination (Other page)

Eligible people, period, details of subsidy

Eligible people, period, details of subsidy
Subsidized Children from 6 months old to elementary school age living in Nakano Ward
Grant period From October 1st to January 31st of the following year (only inoculations during this period are subsidized)
Subsidy amount 1,000 yen per time
Number of subsidies

Up to 2 times during the subsidy period

Things to bring when inoculating

Maternal and Child Health Handbook (for confirmation of vaccination records and vaccination intervals)
Infant medical care certificate (Maru milk medical certificate to confirm that you are eligible for vaccination)

to get help

  • Contracted medical institutions in Nakano Ward have Nakano Ward Pediatric Influenza Pre-screening Sheets. Receive a pre-examination form at a medical institution and fill it out.
  • At the time of payment, you will be charged the amount obtained by subtracting the subsidy amount (1000 yen) from the vaccination fee determined by each medical institution, so please pay that amount.
    (Example) If you are vaccinated at a medical institution where the vaccination fee is 4,000 yen, please pay the difference of 3,000 yen after subtracting the subsidy amount of 1,000 yen from the vaccination fee of 4,000 yen to the medical institution after the vaccination.

When inoculating at a medical institution outside the ward (a medical institution other than a contracted medical institution in Nakano ward)

You can receive the subsidy by paying the full amount after inoculation and claiming after the fact. In this case, it will take around two months from the application until the grant is transferred to the bank account in the applicant's name.

Necessary items for retroactive billing

  1. Receipt issued by a medical institution that can confirm the content of the vaccination (with the address, name, and receipt stamp of the medical institution)
  2. Records of vaccinations to be subsidized (Maternal and Child Health Handbook, etc.)
  3. Something that shows the account number of the claimant (a memo is acceptable instead of a passbook)
  4. A seal that uses vermilion ink (it does not have to be the registered seal of the above account)

Period during which subsequent claims can be made

By September 30th of the year following the date of vaccination (Example) For October 1st vaccination, until September 30th of the following year; for January 10th vaccination, until September 30th of the following year

The application deadline for vaccinations from October 1, 2022 to January 31, 2023 is September 30, 2023 (must arrive).

Application window

If you wish to apply by mail, please contact the Nakano Ward Public Health Center Immunization Section (telephone 03-3382-6500 ).

How to get vaccinations

before inoculation

The days and times of vaccinations differ depending on the medical institution, so be sure to contact each medical institution in advance and make an appointment before going out.

On the day of vaccination

  • Bring your Maternal and Child Health Handbook and Infant Medical Certificate to the medical institution.
  • If someone other than the guardian accompanies the vaccination instead of the guardian, please also bring the power of attorney to the medical institution. For more information, go to Minors must be accompanied by a guardian to receive vaccinations .

After inoculation

  • Do not rub the injection site vigorously.
  • Keep the injection site clean and avoid strenuous exercise on the day of injection.
  • If your child has an underlying disease such as an allergy or asthma, follow the doctor's instructions and stay at a medical institution for a certain period of time after vaccination.
  • Even if you don't know if it's a side reaction or not, if you notice any changes in the injection site or physical condition, immediately see a doctor . The public health center collects and investigates information on health hazards in order to disseminate health and safety information to residents. If you have any questions, please contact the person in charge of vaccination below.
  • For the relief system for health damage caused by vaccination, please proceed to If a health damage occurs .

Effects and side effects of vaccines


side reaction

As a side effect of influenza vaccination, the following side effects are seen in vaccinated children, but usually disappear in 2 to 3 days.

  • Redness (redness), swelling (swelling), pain (pain) at the injection site (local) in 10 to 20% of children
  • Fever, headache, chills (chills), and fatigue (malaise) in 5 to 10 percent of children

Also, although rare, allergic reactions to vaccines can be seen. This allergic reaction often occurs immediately after vaccination, so please rest in the medical institution where you received the vaccination for 30 minutes after vaccination. Also, if you notice any abnormalities after returning home, please contact your doctor immediately.

Victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake

First of all, if you have a maternal and child health handbook or something that shows the age of the child you wish to vaccinate, please bring it with you and apply for the issuance of the vaccination pre-examination slip. The application reception desk is

am. Only the Nakano Ward Public Health Center will issue it on the same day, and for others, the pre-examination slip and list of medical institutions will be issued by mail at a later date.

fashion information

Take measures to prevent the spread of influenza and the spread of infection ( hand washing , rest , nutrition and hydration , cough etiquette , moderate indoor humidification and ventilation ).

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