COVID-19 vaccination for children (5 to 11 years old)

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 Overview of pediatric vaccination

In Kita Ward, children (5 to 11 years old) are being vaccinated against COVID-19 as follows.
Pediatric Pfizer Vaccines used for pediatric vaccination differ in concentration and dosage from those for adults.

In addition, period to carry out inoculation is said to be until March 31, 2023. Inoculation costs are free .

Initial vaccination (1st and 2nd doses)

Target audience 5 to 11 years old
Vaccine type Pfizer Vaccine (for children)
*Currently, those under the age of 11 are eligible for Omicron shares.

Please note that vaccinations cannot be given.

Number of inoculations Twice
Inoculation interval

3 weeks after the first vaccination

 3rd inoculation

About pediatric inoculation, country decided to carry out the third inoculation. In Kita Ward, the 3rd vaccination for children started on October 1st.

Target audience All persons between the ages of 5 and 11 who have completed two doses of vaccination
Vaccine type

Pfizer Vaccine (for children)
*At this time, people under the age of 11 cannot be vaccinated against the Omicron strain.

Please note that this is not possible.

Number of inoculations Once
Inoculation interval

5 months after the second vaccination

About vaccination ticket

We plan to send vaccination tickets to those who have passed 5 months from the date of the second vaccination.

*Those who have reached the age of 12 after the 2nd vaccination will receive the 3rd vaccination with the Omicron strain vaccine for ages 12 and older.

Please be sure to check

Consent and companionship of a parent or guardian is required for vaccination

Consent and accompaniment of a guardian is required for children to be vaccinated against the new coronavirus.
Please fill in the necessary information on the preliminary examination form and sign the consent column for vaccination.
On the day of vaccination, please bring your mother and child health handbook to check your child's vaccination history.

What to bring on the day of vaccination

Interval between vaccinations with other vaccines

Influenza vaccine and new corona vaccine can be vaccinated at the same time.
In addition, it is necessary to leave an interval of 13 days or more between the new coronavirus vaccine and vaccinations other than influenza vaccines.

If you are 12 years old after the 1st dose and before the 2nd dose

If a child was 11 years old at the time of the first dose and turns 12 years old by the time of the second dose, the second dose will be the same pediatric vaccine as the first dose.

 If you turn 12 years old without using the child vaccination ticket after receiving it

If you wish to receive the first COVID-19 vaccination after turning 12 years old after receiving the pediatric vaccination ticket, you can use the pediatric vaccination ticket and pre-examination form as they are. However, the vaccine to be inoculated will be Pfizer vaccine or Moderna vaccine for adults. Please check the adult vaccines in advance.

▶About bivalent vaccine for Pfizer Omicron strain (link to external site)
▶About moderna bivalent vaccine for Omicron strain (link to external site)

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 When to send the vaccination ticket

1st and 2nd vaccination ticket

Vaccination tickets are sent to children who reach their 5th birthday. We will send you a vaccination ticket by the end of the month before your child turns 5 years old .

▶ Click here for the inclusion of the vaccination ticket sent from Kita Ward

3rd vaccination ticket

We will ship the vaccines around the end of the month before 5 months have passed since the date of the second vaccination.

2nd vaccination day Inoculation ticket shipping date/scheduled arrival date* Start accepting reservations
Inoculate by May 31, 2022

Scheduled to arrive sequentially after September 30 (Friday)

Reservation acceptance as soon as it arrives

*It may take up to 3 business days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays) for the vaccination ticket to arrive due to delivery circumstances at the post office.

▶ Click here for the inclusion of the vaccination ticket sent from Kita Ward

 Inoculation reservation

You can make a reservation as soon as you receive your vaccination ticket.
In addition, the new coronavirus vaccine for children is usually given twice with an interval of 3 weeks after the first vaccination.
When making a reservation, please make a reservation after adjusting the schedule for 3 weeks later.
Reservations for vaccinations can be made through (1) the reservation reception site , (2) Kita Ward Novel Coronavirus Vaccination Call Center , and (3 ) direct reservation to your family medical institution .

 1. Reservation on the reservation reception site (Internet)

From March 4th (Friday), please select "Pfizer (for 5-11 years old)" as the type of vaccine▼


 2. Reservation at the call center

Please have your child's vaccination ticket ready and call the Kita Ward Novel Coronavirus Vaccination Call Center .

3. Make an appointment at your family medical institution

There are medical institutions that accept reservations directly by phone at nearby clinics and clinics.
We will enclose a list of medical institutions where pediatric vaccinations are available in the vaccination ticket we send to you.
*Please refrain from making inquiries to medical institutions other than those whose phone numbers are listed in the information.
▼List of pediatric vaccination venues

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 inoculation venue

We perform all inoculation at medical institution.

North Tokyo Medical Center (1st Vaccination Center)

Location: 4-17-56 Akabanedai, Kita-ku

Access: 5-minute walk from Kita-Akabane Station (Akabane Exit) on the JR Saikyo Line

From the west exit of JR Akabane Station, take the bus (red 01, red 02) and get off at "Tokyo North Medical Center"

From the west exit of JR Akabane Station, take the bus (Red 58) and get off at "Tokyo Kita Medical Center Iriguchi".

Reservations are accepted from the call center or reservation reception site.
Please refrain from calling medical institutions.

Akabane Central General Hospital [basic vaccination facility (mainly hospital)]

Address: 1-19-14 Shimo, Kita Ward

Phone number: 03-3902-0348
▶Akabane Central General Hospital homepage (link to an external site)

Reservations for vaccinations for children aged 5 to 11 can be made directly by phone.

Clinic/Medical Office

Medical institutions with phone numbers can be booked by phone.
The number of vaccinations to be carried out varies depending on the medical institution. Please be sure to check when making a reservation.
Please refrain from calling medical institutions that do not have a phone number listed.


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 Things to bring on the day of vaccination

Please bring the following 4 items on the day of vaccination.

  1. inoculation ticket
  2. A pre-filled medical checkup form
  3. Identity verification documents of guardians (driver's license, health insurance card, My Number card, etc.)
  4. Maternal and Child Health Handbook

Those with underlying or chronic illnesses

  • Okusuri Techo (for confirming treatment/medication details)

 For those considering vaccination and their guardians

Q&A about child (5-11 years old) vaccination

A Q&A about vaccination for children (ages 5 to 11) is posted on the website of the Japan Pediatric Society.
If you are considering vaccination or a guardian, please see the following external site.

▶ [Japan Pediatric Society] Q&A on "New Corona Vaccine-Thoughts on vaccination for children and adults who come into contact with children-" (link to an external site)

 Effort obligation rules apply to children (5 to 11 years old) vaccination

At the Health Sciences Council Immunization and Vaccine Subcommittee held on August 8, based on new findings from the Omicron strain epidemic, the opinion was expressed that it is appropriate to apply a duty of effort to pediatric vaccinations. it was done. In addition, as a result of consultation procedures at the subcommittee meeting held on September 2nd, it was decided that an obligation to make efforts will be applied to childhood vaccinations from September 6th.

Obligation to make efforts

The obligation to make an effort is a provision of the Preventive Vaccination Law that "must make an effort to get vaccinated," and is different from an obligation. From the perspective of preventing the spread of infectious diseases, such regulations are in place to ask for cooperation in inoculations.
Therefore, vaccination is not compulsory. It is up to you and your parents to decide whether or not you want to be vaccinated. Please check the information about the effectiveness and safety of the vaccine, and discuss it with your child before considering vaccination.

・ New Corona Vaccine Q & A "What is the 'obligation to make efforts' for this vaccination? ”(link to external site)

Choosing to vaccinate or not. Both are respected.

The new corona vaccine for children is voluntary. There are people who cannot or do not want to be vaccinated for physical reasons or other reasons.

As society is shrouded in anxiety due to the coronavirus pandemic, even innocent words and deeds can lead to human rights violations. There should be absolutely no discrimination or bullying based on whether or not you have been vaccinated.

Continuing infectious disease countermeasures according to each situation will lead to protecting yourself and the people around you. We ask for your understanding and cooperation.

Based on national guidelines, Kita Ward strives to provide information so that residents have correct knowledge about the effects of vaccination and the risks of side effects, so that they can make informed decisions about vaccination.

There is a counter where you can consult about your worries such as discrimination related to the new coronavirus infection.
For details, please see ▶ [Ministry of Justice] In relation to the new coronavirus infection - Let's eliminate discrimination and prejudice - (link to an external site) .

*Source: Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare “For children aged 5 to 11 and their guardians”, Ministry of Justice “Let’s eliminate discrimination and prejudice in relation to the new coronavirus infectious disease leaflet”

Information provision material

Vaccination for children is not compulsory. Please consider both the merits and demerits of vaccination before making a decision. In addition to the instructions on the safety and side effects of the vaccine enclosed with the vaccination ticket , easy-to-understand materials and leaflets are also available.

[Pfizer: About the New Corona Vaccine Committee]

Pfizer Leaflet 2

[Pfizer: For children and their parents who are inoculated with the new corona vaccine community]

pfizer leaflet

▶ [Pfizer Inc.] Pfizer Vaccine Manual for Pediatrics (PDF: 1,045KB)

Vaccine efficacy and safety

 Effects of pediatric vaccination

Initial (1st and 2nd) inoculation

It has been reported that 90.7% of pediatric inoculations were effective in preventing the onset 7 days after the second vaccination. In addition, according to the results of a clinical trial conducted in the United States, it is said that the antibody titers in children aged 5 to 11 rise to the same level as those aged 16 to 25, and the efficacy can be evaluated. *These data are from before the emergence of the Omicron strain.
▶[Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Q&A] What are the effects of vaccination for children (5 to 11 years old)? (Link to an external site.)

Additional (3rd) vaccination

Regarding efficacy, according to a report from the United States, during the epidemic of the Omicron strain, the preventive effect of the first vaccination in children aged 5 to 15 diminished over time, while a booster vaccination to children aged 12 to 15 reduced the risk of disease after vaccination. It has been reported that the onset prevention effect recovers after 2-6.5 weeks. It is believed that similar effects can be expected for children aged 5 to 11 years old, as it has been confirmed that recovery is achieved by booster vaccination in similar age groups.

Side effects of pediatric vaccination

Initial (1st and 2nd) inoculation

As with people aged 12 and over, various symptoms such as pain at the injection site, malaise, headache, fever, etc. have been confirmed, but most of them are mild or moderate and have recovered. According to the information available, no serious safety concerns have been identified.

Additional (3rd) vaccination

Regarding safety, it was reported in the United States that there was no significant difference in the frequency of local and systemic reactions after the 3rd dose compared to the 2nd dose.

Expression rate side reaction
over 50 Injection site pain, fatigue
10-50% Headache, redness or swelling at injection site, muscle pain, chills
1-10% diarrhea, fever, joint pain, vomiting

*The table above shows the incidence of adverse reactions in the first (1st and 2nd) vaccinations.

▶[Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Q&A] What kind of side effects do children (5 to 11 years old) get from vaccination? (link to an external site)

▶National Health Damage Relief System

 Items sent from Kita Ward

I enclose a manual (for children aged 5 to 11 and their guardians) written about the safety and side effects of the vaccine. Please consider it after consulting with your child.

pediatric vaccination envelope

Pediatric Vaccination Ticket EnvelopePediatric Vaccination Ticket Envelope (back side)

1st and 2nd vaccination

3rd inoculation


 Kita Ward New Coronavirus Vaccination Call Center

Inquiries about vaccinations and reservations in Kita Ward

0120-801-222 (toll-free) *Please be careful not to dial the wrong number.

Weekdays: 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. English, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Nepalese, Portuguese, Spanish, French

Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Covid-19 Vaccine Call Center

General inquiries about vaccines, such as efficacy and side effects of vaccines

0120-761-770 (toll-free)

Daily: 9am to 9pm

English, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Nepali, Portuguese, Spanish, French

Tokyo Novel Coronavirus Adverse Reactions Consultation Center

You can consult with a medical professional about side effects after vaccination


24-hour service (open on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)

English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Nepali, Burmese (Myanmar)
Supports Thai, French, Spanish, and Portuguese

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