Consultation support


We will provide information and consultation support for people with disabilities to live a fulfilling community life, and provide information to promote understanding of welfare for people with disabilities.

Basic consultation

We will provide appropriate information and advice, such as consultation on medical care, health, health management, nursing care, consultation on various welfare systems, and consultation on use of the center.

Professional consultation

Specialized staff will provide information and advice on rehabilitation, assistive devices, home remodeling, etc. We ask you to come to the center by appointment, but for those who have difficulty coming to the center, we visit their homes.

specialist consultation

In order for people with disabilities to live healthier lives, the physicians in charge of each department will provide consultations from a medical point of view according to the type of disability for the person with disabilities and their families.

Plan consultation support

For those who use welfare services for persons with disabilities, we will make a service usage plan and provide support.


Disability Health and Welfare Center Telephone: 03-5439-8053
Fax: 03-5439-2514

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