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In Bunkyo Ward, regional medical cooperation information is provided through collaboration and cooperation with the Koishikawa Medical Association, the Bunkyo Ward Medical Association, the Tokyo Bunkyo Ward Koishikawa Dental Association, the Tokyo Bunkyo Ward Dental Association, and the Bunkyo Ward Pharmacists Association. Since 2007, we have been publishing the magazine “Bunkyo Family Map”. The contents have been updated in January 2022.

We hope that the residents' primary care physicians, primary dentists, primary pharmacies, as well as medical and nursing care professionals will use this information to create a regional medical collaboration network.

Bunkyo Family Map Overview

Clinics and pharmacies in Bunkyo Ward are listed according to 26 areas. The guide page for each area includes a map, and the medical department, dentistry department, and pharmacy are color-coded so that they can be easily distinguished. For medical and dental clinics, we introduce the characteristics of each clinic, such as location, phone number, consultation days, consultation hours, barrier-free access, appointment availability, and support for home care clinics. In addition to the location and phone number of pharmacies, we introduce business days, business hours, prescription dispensing correspondence, etc.

Distribution place

It is distributed free of charge at the Elderly Welfare Division, the Health Service Center, the Health Service Center Hongo Branch, each community activity center in the city, and the Administrative Information Center.

e-book version

We have prepared an e-book version that allows you to view the "Bunkyo Family Map" (published in January 2022) on your computer, tablet device, or smartphone. You can read the e-book version below.

"Bunkyo family map" e-book version (links to an external page) 2022 Bunkyo family map cover

  • If you are using the iPad or iPhone version, please download the app from the AppStore (iTunes).
  • For Android users, please download the app from Google play.

Guidance of medical institution in ward

You can also see the locations and phone numbers of clinics, pharmacies, etc. in the city on the medical facility information page .

Contact information

1-16-21 Kasuga, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-8555

Bunkyo Civic Center 9th floor south side

Elderly Welfare Division Regional Comprehensive Care Promotion Section

Phone number: 03-5803-1843

Fax: 03-5803-1350

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