Supporting elderly people requiring nursing care who are difficult to go to the vaccination venue with two projects! (June 1, 2020)

In order for elderly people who are at high risk of aggravation of new coronavirus infection to be vaccinated smoothly and with peace of mind, we have implemented a project to support movement to the vaccination venue for the first vaccination, additional vaccination (third vaccination) ), the 4th inoculation will also be given.

Project to support the movement of elderly people with mobility difficulties to vaccination sites

  1. Business Overview <br>We will subsidize transportation expenses equivalent to taxi fare for elderly people who need nursing care at home who have difficulty moving to the vaccination site on their own and who are difficult to be picked up by their families.
  2. Persons eligible for payment <br>Those eligible for vaccination who meet the following requirements (1) or (2), who are unable to travel to the vaccination venue on their own, and who need to be picked up by a family member, etc. Difficult people (1) Elderly people who are certified as requiring long-term care (care level 1 to 5) (excluding those requiring support) and living at home (excluding facility residents who are scheduled to be vaccinated in the facility)
    (2) Persons who have not been certified as needing long-term care and who fall under the following categories: a. Holders of certificate of the physically disabled, general grade 3 or higher b. Holders of love certificate
  3. Implementation method <br>A notice/application to the effect that a round-trip taxi fare equivalent from home to the venue (one-way 1,000 yen x round-trip, including pick-up fee) will be provided to those who are 60 years of age or older among the above eligible people. And mail to Ai no Techo holders over the age of 18. Other recipients will receive a notice of the project by mail, and an application form will be mailed to those who contact the Vaccination Mobility Support Call Center after vaccination.
  4. Project period (planned)
    From June 17, 2020 to March 31, 2023
  5. Other <br>Vaccination movement support call center opened (from June 15 to the end of August, weekdays from 9:00 to 17:00)
    Phone: 03-5722-7059
    Fax: 03-5722-9347

Subsidy project to support transportation to vaccination venues conducted by day care offices, etc.

  1. Business overview <br>When a nursing care office in the ward of nursing care insurance provides transportation support such as moving to the vaccination venue of the target person, assistance within the vaccination venue, etc. outside the range of nursing care insurance services , provide subsidies to establishments.
  2. Purpose (1) Support for transportation of elderly people requiring nursing care who have difficulty moving to vaccination sites (2) Support for outpatient care facilities that are greatly affected by the prevention of infection with the new coronavirus infectious disease
  3. Eligible establishments <br>A day care service office located in the city (day care office, day rehabilitation office, community-based day care office, day care office for dementia)
  4. Eligible Users <br>Users of outpatient nursing care services who have been certified as needing long-term care support, and who find it difficult to move alone due to physical and mental conditions, living alone, etc. Residents of the ward who wish to support
  5. Target users <br>According to the user's wishes, movement from the office to the vaccination site (in addition to pick-up vehicles, public transportation, and walking are also possible) and support for assistance at the vaccination site (vaccination reservation, documents 10,000 yen will be subsidized per inoculation for each inoculation person for the business establishment that carried out the description, etc.).
  6. Project period (planned)
    From June 17, 2020 to March 31, 2023

Inquiries regarding this matter

Health and Welfare Department, Health and Welfare Planning Division
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