Concentration subtraction for specific business establishments (home care support)

Twice a year, the in-home long-term care support office publishes the name of the corporation with the highest referral rate (hereinafter referred to as the "highest referral rate corporation") for the services positioned in the in-home long-term care plan for each judgment period. It is necessary to create a notification form pertaining to specific business establishment concentration subtraction in home care support.

As a result of the calculation, if the ratio of corporations with the highest referral rate for any service exceeds 80%, regardless of the presence or absence of "justifiable reasons", submit the relevant notification to Minato City and do not exceed 80% Even in the case of a

In case Minato City examines the submitted notification form and does not include a “justifiable reason” or if it determines that it does not fall under the “justifiable reason”, in-home nursing care during the deductible period will be applied. 200 credits will be deducted from the prescribed number of credits for all support fees.

Target service

home care

day care (including community-based day care)

Welfare equipment rental

Judgment period, etc.

judgment period

Submission Deadline

Subtraction application period

previous term

From March 1st to August 31st of the same year

From September 1st to 15th of the same month

From October 1st to March 31st of the following year


From September 1st to the end of February of the following year

From March 1st to 15th of the same month

From April 1st to September 30th of the same year

Documents to be submitted

Notification Form for Concentration Subtraction at Specified Business Sites (Excel: 67KB)

Notification form pertaining to specific office concentration subtraction (PDF: 123KB)

* If there is a change in the application of the specific business establishment concentration deduction, please also submit the following documents.

Notification form about the system pertaining to care benefit cost calculation (Excel: 37KB)

Notification form (PDF: 134KB) about the system to affect care payment costs calculation

Situation table (Excel: 28KB) such as systems pertaining to nursing care benefit calculation

The situation table (PDF: 45KB) such as the systems to affect care payment costs calculation

Submission method

Please cooperate with the submission by mail.

〒105-8511 (no address required)

Minato Ward Health and Welfare Support Department Nursing Care Insurance Division Nursing Provider Support Section

About "Legitimate Reasons"

For the "legitimate reasons" that led to the referral rate exceeding a certain rate, please refer to "Criteria for "legitimate reasons"" (PDF: 124KB) . In addition, for the number of business establishments by service type within the daily life area listed in the “justifiable reason”, please refer to “List of business establishments by daily life area related to the “justifiable reason”” (PDF: 137KB ) .

About the handling of community-based day care

In Minato Ward, each in-home long-term care support provider can either (1) calculate day care and community-based day care separately, or (2) calculate community-based day care by including day care. You can choose

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