Specific health guidance, non-obesity health guidance 3-month lifestyle improvement support program (free)

As a result of the specific health checkup, we will provide support (specific health guidance and non-obesity health guidance) for improving lifestyle habits such as diet and exercise for those who are at high risk of lifestyle-related diseases.
Professionals (doctors, public health nurses, registered dietitians, etc.) will provide personalized care tailored to each person's lifestyle We carefully support the improvement of lifestyle habits.


Those who meet the following criteria
*Even those who are not eligible for health guidance can use health consultation.
Details of health consultation here

To use specific health guidance and non-obesity health guidance

[1] Take the "Shinjuku City Specific Health Checkup (40-74 years old)".
How to get a health checkup

[2] About two months after taking the specific health checkup, the voucher will be delivered to the target person.
In addition, Werkle Co., Ltd. (telephone number: 0120-959-917 or 03-5931-6797), which is a consignment company, will call you to provide information on how to use health guidance.

[3] Select one of the implementing organizations and apply directly.
(You cannot change the institution you use after the first interview. In addition, non-obesity health guidance recipients cannot use the medical institution.)

[4] After the initial interview, we will support you by telephone, etc.

*Please make sure that you do not have symptoms such as fever when you come to the office.
*Please wear a mask.
* Please cooperate with other infection prevention measures.


3 months after the first interview.

Executing agency

Executing agency Werkle Co., Ltd. Medical institution in the ward
Type of support ・Specific health guidance (equivalent to active support, motivational support, and motivational support)
・Non-obesity health guidance
Specific health guidance (equivalent to active support, motivational support, and motivational support)
Features We present goods useful for health management. People with illnesses undergoing treatment can also use it with peace of mind.
venue Health center in the ward Each medical institution
time zone Weekdays 10:00-16:30 Consultation hours of each medical institution
Inquiry/Application Werkle Co., Ltd.
0120-959-917 (toll free)
03-5931-6797 (call charges apply)
Each medical institution

List of medical institutions providing specific health guidance

Specific health guidance implementation rate in Shinjuku Ward

Shinjuku City specific health guidance implementation rate from 2018 to 2021 is as follows.

<Shinjuku Ward Specific Health Guidance Implementation Rate>
2018 2019 2020 2021
Number of people subject to specific health guidance 1,864 people 1,682 people 1,644 people 1,719 people
Number of people who completed specific health guidance 237 people 215 people 236 people 283 people
Percentage of people who completed specific health guidance 12.7% 12.8% 14.4% 16.5%

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