If your property tests positive for COVID-19

Most people who are tested for the new coronavirus "if they learn the results at the accommodation" are asymptomatic and receive the test for the purpose of confirming a negative result, but some receive a positive result. In this way, if you test positive at an accommodation facility, we have summarized what you should know about yourself and your accommodation facility. Please take a look.

4 important points if you are found to be positive

  • First of all, check your physical condition and connect it to health management
  • avoid trouble when leaving the facility
  • Prevent facility staff from becoming infected
  • Prevent the risk of infection and anxiety for other customers

These are the four points.

Notes for facility users

Please also refer to the following link for the flow and medical treatment destinations in case of becoming positive for the new coronavirus.

During your stay

  • Follow the instructions of the accommodation facility (or public health center)
  • Do not leave the room*1
  • Wear a mask when going to the toilet, etc. and do not talk
  • do not change rooms
  • don't let anything out of the room
  • keep staff out of the room
  • Inform the property manager of the test results
  • Keep in touch with family and friends

*1 About refraining from going out during the medical treatment period

In the case of a symptomatic patient, if 24 hours have passed since the symptoms subsided or if there are no symptoms, it is possible to go out for the minimum necessary amount, such as shopping for groceries, by fulfilling the following ① and ②. Please consult with the accommodation before going out.

  1. Limit your outings and contact with people for short periods of time, and avoid using public transportation when traveling
  2. Thorough voluntary infection prevention actions such as wearing a mask when going out or interacting with others

Regarding leaving the accommodation

  • keep the window open
  • Keep sheets and towels together
  • Head to the exit according to the guidance of the accommodation facility
  • Pay any additional costs

Correspondence of accommodations

  • Please cooperate in extending your stay until the destination is confirmed.
  • Tell the user to stay in the room*1
  • Leave necessary items such as food and linen outside the door for the person to pick up
  • Tell the cleaning staff not to enter the room until instructed
  • Confirm with the user (or public health center) about the time to move out, and confirm the precautions to be taken when moving out.
  • Avoid contact with other users such as emergency stairs and guide them to the exit.
  • Confirm payment method

Please also refer to the disinfection methods for facilities where people infected with the new coronavirus have occurred .

What accommodation facilities should be aware of on a daily basis

Open windows, wear a mask, and handle linens quietly

On the premise that there are always asymptomatic positive people among the guests, it is important to take basic measures against infectious diseases on a regular basis.

Contact information

If you have any questions, please contact us below.

  • Minato Public Health Center Telephone Consultation 03-3455-4461 (Weekdays 8:30-17:15)
  • Uchisapo Tokyo 0120-670-440 (24 hours)
  • Tokyo lodging and medical treatment application window 03-5320-5997 (9:00-16:00)
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Fever Consultation Center (for nurses and public health nurses) 03-5320-4592, 03-6258-5780 (24 hours)
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Fever Consultation Center (Dial for information on medical institutions) 03-5320-4327, 03-5320-5971, 03-5320-7030 (24 hours)
  • Medical institution information service Himawari 03-5272-0303 (available 24 hours)


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