Blue light up on "International Day of Sign Language"

Every year, September 23rd is the International Day of Sign Languages.


2022 international day of sign language logo

In Japan, the All Japan Federation of the Deaf (a one-in-a-kind organization) has organized a national campaign under the theme of "Blue the world and Japan! ~Bringing light to sign language, the brilliance of life~" in order to spread awareness that "sign language is a language." We are calling for blue light up implementation in various places.

In order to let many people including residents know that "sign language is a language", we will carry out blue light up in the city in conjunction with the International Day of Sign Language.

Implementation outline of blue light up


September 22nd (Thursday) to September 25th (Sunday)


Sunset to 11:59pm


Steam Locomotive at Shimbashi Station West Exit Square (Ahead of Shimbashi 2-chome)

light up image

light up image

We will inform you about the light-up implementation information and the state of the light-up on the Minato City Health and Welfare Support Department Twitter official account (link to an external site) , the Minato Disability Support App , etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please use "Frequently Asked Questions".

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Affiliation Section: Person with Disabilities, Welfare for Persons with Disabilities, Health and Welfare Support Department

Phone number: 03-3578-2386 (extension: 2386)

Fax number: 03-3578-2678

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