Ward's response after the end of the "rebound warning period"

Tokyo's "rebound warning period" ended on May 22nd.
Currently, the number of new infections is on the decline, but please continue to be vigilant against the spread of infection and cooperate with infection control measures.

Director's comment

To all residents

Thorough implementation of basic infection prevention measures

  • Let's perform diligent "ventilation".
  • Avoid crowded places and times as much as possible and avoid the 3Cs.
  • Wearing a mask is a very important measure to prevent infection, so be sure to wear a mask, especially when talking to people or in crowded places.
  • For dinner, use a certified restaurant that has thorough infection prevention measures, and wear a mask after dinner.
  • Let's "wash hands and disinfect hands" frequently.

Actions to prevent the spread of infection

  • To protect yourself and your loved ones and society, consider getting vaccinated early.
  • If you have symptoms such as fever, please seek medical attention immediately.
  • If you are worried about infection, get tested.

About window

・The ward office and ward office will operate as usual.
・Wednesday window extension and Sunday open agency will also be carried out as usual.

*For some administrative procedures, we provide an electronic application/notification service that can be performed by mail, PC, or smartphone. There are procedures that can be completed without coming to the agency, such as mailing and bank transfer, so please make full use of them.
Please see the link below for details.

About the use of municipal facilities

Please contact each facility directly for information on using the facilities.

About events and events

Please see the link below for the status of events and events.

About correspondence of the Board of Education

Elementary school, junior high school, kindergarten, nursery school (short time)

We will continue to operate the school while thoroughly implementing measures to prevent infectious diseases.

Guidance for each subject

Regarding "activities with a high risk of infection even after taking measures against infectious diseases", we will implement them after taking sufficient measures against infectious diseases.

Extracurricular activities

We will carry out normal activities after taking measures against infectious diseases as much as possible.

school events, etc.

  • It will be implemented under a plan to prevent the "three Cs".
  • For events that involve overnight stays or travel outside of Tokyo, the school kindergarten and the Board of Education will discuss whether or not to implement them.

Nursery school, Kodomoen (Long hours)

We will continue childcare while thoroughly taking measures against infectious diseases.
However, we will consider the implementation of kindergarten events, such as avoiding activities with a high risk of infection.
In addition, we recommend that children who are judged to be able to wear a mask due to their developmental conditions, etc., temporarily wear a mask to the extent possible. (Not recommended for children under the age of 2. Do not force children or parents against their intentions.)

Children's club

We will continue to take measures so far while thoroughly taking measures against infectious diseases.

After school children's classroom

We will continue to take measures so far while thoroughly taking measures against infectious diseases.

Children's house

We will continue to take measures so far while thoroughly taking measures against infectious diseases.

Click here for details of each facility

Other information

Information about new coronavirus infectious disease

Information about the new coronavirus vaccine

Taito Ward New Coronavirus Infectious Disease Control Headquarters Meeting


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