Dementia support project

We distribute dementia guidebook

It provides information on services for people with dementia and information on how to continue living in a familiar community.
Local Comprehensive Support Center near you Open in new window. distributed in

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Let's do "Dementia awareness checklist that you can do by yourself"

When you start to wonder if you might have dementia, you can use the checklist at the link below to check yourself. Family members and close people can also check.

The website of Tokyo Dementia Navi, Bureau of Social Welfare and Public Health, Tokyo Metropolitan Government will open.

Subsidies for use of location information service for elderly with dementia

For families with dementia who are unable to return home after going out, we provide location information using GPS and subsidize the usage fee of on-site express service.
If you are having trouble, contact your local comprehensive support center . Open in new window. Please consult
*Self-payment is 1,650 yen per month (consumption tax included, semi-annual advance payment).
*There is no co-payment for households receiving public assistance.

Nerima forgetfulness examination

Since 2021, we have been conducting forgetfulness examinations. For details, refer to " Forgetfulness checkup Open in new window. page.

Dementia supporter training course

caregiver support

For more information on support for caregivers, see " Caregiver Support Project Open in new window. page.

Dementia Disease Medical Center Jiundo Hospital

Medical Corporation Jiundo Hospital Dementia Disease Medical Center (regional collaboration type) provides information on knowledge and support systems for dementia.

For dementia-related consultations, contact the Comprehensive Regional Support Center in charge of your residence. Open in new window. am.

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