Health checkup for pregnant women, dental health checkup for expectant and nursing mothers, hearing test for newborns

Prenatal health checkup (including ultrasonography)

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About the number of times you can see a doctor

You can receive 14 health checkups for pregnant women, 1 ultrasound for pregnant women, and 1 cervical cancer screening at public expense. After the pregnancy is confirmed by a doctor, we will give you a checkup slip as "Information on Pregnant Women's Health Checkup and Newborn Hearing Test" to those who have notified the pregnancy and received the Maternal and Child Health Handbook.

Medical institutions where you can consult

You can have a checkup at a medical institution that has the sign of "Medical institution that handles prenatal medical checkups outsourced by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government".
It cannot be used at medical institutions outside of Tokyo. There is a refund claim system for those who have undergone a medical examination after returning home. Please see the related information. In addition, you cannot use the checkup slip for medical checkups at a midwifery clinic. In this case, you can also claim a refund, so please see the related information.

to see a doctor

Be sure to submit the consultation slip to the medical institution before undergoing a medical examination.
A certain amount of money will be subsidized when the examination items listed on the medical examination slip are examined. Please note that you will be responsible for your own expenses, depending on the guidance given by the medical institution and the inspection items. Please refer to the following.
1st time (light blue) First public expense burden 10,850 yen

2nd time and after (yellow) 2nd time and after, until childbirth
Public expenditure 5,070 yen

Ultrasound examination (white) Please consult with your doctor and use it together with the consultation form after the second visit.
Public expense: 5,300 yen
Public expenditure 3,400 yen

Tests that can be received with the medical examination slip (recommended examination timing)

1 to 9 will be done the first time.
1 Medical interview 2 Weight measurement 3 Urinalysis (sugar/protein qualitative)
4 Blood pressure measurement 5 Blood test (blood type (ABO/Rh), anemia, blood sugar, irregular antibodies)
6 Syphilis (serological test for syphilis)
7 Hepatitis B (HBs antigen test)
8 Rubella (rubella antibody titer test)
9 Hepatitis C
From 10 to 16, select one and carry it out at the second and subsequent checkups.
10 Anemia (30 and 37 weeks of gestation)
11 Chlamydia antigen (early to 20 weeks of gestation)
12 HTLV-1 antibody (from early pregnancy to 30 weeks)
13 Transvaginal ultrasound (from 20 to 26 weeks of gestation)
14 Blood sugar (28 to 32 weeks of gestation)
15 Group B Streptococcus (Late Pregnancy)
16 NST (non-stress test) (from 36 weeks of pregnancy)
Medical interview, weight measurement, blood pressure measurement, urinalysis, and health guidance will be conducted every time after the second visit.
From 10 to 16, it will be an optional examination in consultation with the attending physician. Inspections other than the above are not covered by public funds.


  • If lost, it cannot be reissued in principle.

To pregnant women who have moved to Nakano Ward

We would like to inform you about the prenatal checkup card for Nakano Ward and other maternal and child health services. Please bring the maternal and child health handbook and unused prenatal health checkup slips (if you have returned them and do not have them, please declare the number of copies issued and used) to the counter below.

To pregnant women who moved out of Nakano Ward

If you move from Nakano Ward to another prefecture, please receive a new medical examination slip at the new destination.
If you move from Nakano Ward to a municipality in Tokyo, you can use the health checkup card as it is, so you do not need to receive a new one. Please give me.

Pregnant women dental checkup

Medical institutions where you can consult

You can have a check-up at the medical institution listed on the back of the "Guide to Dental Health Checkups for Pregnant and Nursing Women" handed to you when you receive your maternal and child health handbook.

*The listed medical institutions are subject to change.

to see a doctor

Please tell the designated medical institution "Nakano Ward Pregnant Women's Dental Examination" and make an appointment. The consultation slip is put in the medical institution.
Those who were not able to receive a medical examination during pregnancy due to reasons such as home delivery can receive medical examinations for up to one year after childbirth.

If you have moved out of Nakano Ward, you will not be able to receive the examination.

Free inspection

  1. examination
  2. health guidance

Examinations and treatments other than those listed above, as well as consultations covered by health insurance, are the responsibility of the individual.
Please see related information for a healthy pregnancy and childbirth.

Subsidies for Newborn Hearing Screening Expenses

We subsidize a part of newborn baby hearing test cost .

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