Pregnant woman dental checkup

It's hard to leave your pregnant mouth care alone!

Pregnancy causes hormonal changes and lack of tooth brushing due to morning sickness. A mother's oral health can greatly affect the health of her unborn baby.
It is important for mothers to acquire correct knowledge and protect their teeth from diseases such as cavities for the baby growing in the womb.
Get a dental checkup during pregnancy and prepare for childbirth with a healthy mouth.

Target audience

Residents who are pregnant

Consultation period

Once during the pregnancy period.

Consultation place

Designated dental institutions in the city (as shown in the list below)

*This checkup is not available at dental institutions that are not listed.

* We are taking measures to prevent infection such as the new coronavirus.

How to see a doctor

Call the dental institution you wish to visit during the consultation period Advance reservation do.

At that time, tell them that you would like to have a dental checkup for pregnant women.

About [consultation ticket for Katsushika City pregnant woman dental health checkup★]

・Enclosed in the "Health Bag" distributed when you obtain the Maternal and Child Health Handbook.

・If you do not have one, please contact us at the number below.

*Those who have the "Information and Application Form for Pregnant Women (Maternity) Dental Health Checkup ◇" can use it as is.


◆Pregnant woman dental health checkup ticket

◆ Maternal and Child Health Handbook

◆ Something that can confirm your address, name, and date of birth (health insurance card, etc.)

Health checkup content


Oral examination (teeth, gums, stains, etc.)

Explanation of health checkup results and guidance based on them

*This checkup does not include treatment (tartar removal, treatment for tooth decay, etc.).




You cannot receive both of the following medical examinations.

●Persons who have a “Sukusuku Dental Checkup Ticket”

⇒Please undergo the “Sukusuku Dental Checkup”.

●Those who have an “adult dental checkup ticket”

⇒Please undergo this medical examination.


Health Department (Public Health Center) Health Promotion Section Dental Health Section Telephone 3602-1268

★Apology for mistaken entry on admission ticket

About ticket correction

◇ For those who have a “Pregnancy (maternity) dental checkup guide and application form”

Information and application form for R3

To those who have a medical examination

Medical examinations are necessary for early detection and treatment of diseases, and are not “unnecessary”. Excessive avoidance of medical examination may increase health risks. It is important to manage your health through regular checkups.

In addition, the implementation dental medical institution is taking measures to prevent infection such as the new coronavirus. Please feel free to accept it.

Request to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection

(1) Make an appointment in advance by calling the dental institution where you will be visiting.
(2) Fever, cold symptoms, etc. on the day of the examination * Check if there is any, check the item on the consultation ticket, and check it.
Fever, cold symptoms, etc. on the day of the examination * If there is, we may refuse. Please consult with the dental institution and change the consultation date. *Symptoms such as cough, taste/smell disturbance, fatigue, etc.
(3) Wear a mask at the dental clinic.

For information on how to obtain a Maternal and Child Health Handbook, please refer to "Pregnancy Notification and Issuance of Maternal and Child Health Handbook."

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