Let's protect our lives from heat stroke ~Points to prevent heat stroke to survive the intense heat~

This summer, the heat wave has suddenly arrived, and the risk of heat stroke is increasing because the body is not accustomed to the heat.
Make sure to check the points to prevent heat stroke, talk to each other, and spend the hot summer in good spirits.

Heat Stroke Prevention x Corona Infection Prevention Leaflet

  Ministry of the Environment heat stroke prevention information site

Heat stroke is a general term for symptoms that develop when heat builds up in the body due to an imbalance of water and salt in the body or a decline in the ability to regulate body temperature due to being in a hot and humid environment for a long time. Symptoms often progress in a short period of time and can be life-threatening if severe.
Anyone can get it, and it can occur indoors as well as outdoors.

Those who need special attention

senior citizen

Elderly people (difficult to feel hot or thirsty, do not sweat much, tend to lack water)
About half of heat stroke patients are elderly people. It is difficult to feel the heat and thirst, and the regulation function of the body is weakened, so heat stroke may occur without realizing it.
Those who say, "I don't want to use the air conditioner" or "I'm worried about the toilet and refrain from drinking water" should be especially careful.


Infants, who are closer to the ground than adults, are in a hotter environment than adults due to the reflection from the ground. The ability to regulate body temperature is also immature, so special attention is required.
Even for a short time, it is dangerous to leave your child alone in a car where the temperature is likely to rise.
* In addition, people with chronic illnesses, sleep deprivation, hangovers, colds, etc., should be careful.

Points to prevent heatstroke

replenishment of water and salt

  • Drink plenty of water before you feel thirsty. 1 glass of water every hour
  • If you sweat a lot, replenish water and salt with salt water, sports drinks, etc.

*Alcohol is a diuretic, so it is not suitable for rehydration.

Ingenuity of housing, etc.

  • Flexible adjustment of the air conditioner setting and skillful use of the electric fan so that the temperature in the room does not exceed 28°C
  • Block the sunlight from windows with curtains, bamboo blinds, etc.
  • Use cool public facilities, etc.

get in shape

  • Take well-balanced meals, sleep, and rest, and try to lead a regular life

clothing ingenuity

Make good use of your air conditioner

    • Choose clothes that are breathable, sweat-wicking and quick-drying

    • Avoid direct sunlight with a parasol and hat when going out

If you suspect heatstroke, take immediate action!

It is important to treat heat stroke at an early stage. When it develops, it has the following symptoms: If you think you might have a heat stroke, or if someone around you thinks you have a heat stroke, take appropriate measures.

signs of heat stroke

Mild symptoms (dizziness, lightheadedness, persistent sweating, muscle pain, leg cramps), moderately severe symptoms (headache, nausea, vomiting, malaise, feeling of prostration), severe symptoms (unconsciousness, convulsions, straight up) Unable to walk, strange responses to calls, hot to the touch)

First aid

  • Move to a well-ventilated shaded room or a room with air conditioning.
  • Loosen your clothes and make yourself comfortable
  • Cool the armpits and base of the feet with a chilled towel
  • Replenish fluids and salt with saline solution (mixed with 1 to 2 grams of salt per liter of water) or sports drinks
  • Seek medical attention if symptoms do not improve

If you are unconscious and cannot drink water on your own, call an ambulance immediately!

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