Municipal public parking lot/bicycle parking fee exemption


Parking Lot

We exempt parking fee of car which person with a disability gets on (free for two hours).

Bicycle parking lot

When person with a disability uses bicycle parking lot, we exempt the fee for regular use in one place per person. When one person uses multiple parking lots for bicycles, etc., the temporary use fee will be exempted.


Those who have the following notebooks, etc.

  1. Handicapped person's notebook
  2. love notebook
  3. Mental Disability Health and Welfare Handbook
  4. Specific medical expense (designated intractable disease) recipient certificate
  5. Miyako medical ticket
  6. Disability Support Classification Certification Notification for Intractable Diseases Subject to the Comprehensive Support Law for Persons with Disabilities


Name of facility location Phone/fax number
Parking Lot Shinagawa Station Konan Exit Public Parking Lot 2-14-17 Konan Phone: 03-3472-7921
Fax: 03-3472-2772
Azabu Juban public parking lot 1-4-10 Azabujuban Phone: 03-3583-5910
Fax: 03-3583-5906
Bicycle parking lot Shiba district Hamamatsucho Station North Exit Bicycle Parking Lot Kaigan 1-2-34 Phone/Fax: 03-3434-3150
Sakurada Park bicycle parking lot 3-16-15 Shimbashi Phone/Fax: 03-3432-9090
Azabu area Mikawadai Park bicycle parking lot 4-2-27 Roppongi Phone/Fax: 03-3408-5135
Hiroo Station Bicycle Parking Lot 5-1-25 Minamiazabu Phone/Fax: 03-5420-1171
Azabu Juban Station Bicycle Parking Lot 1-4-14 Azabujuban Phone: 0120-356-621 03-4213-8016
(NCD Support Center)
Roppongi Station bicycle parking lot 6-5-19 Roppongi Phone/Fax: 03-3470-4186
Takanawa district Shirokane-Takanawa Station Bicycle Parking Lot Takanawa 1-3-20 ahead Phone/Fax: 03-3440-6191
Shirokanedai Station Bicycle Parking Lot 4-6-2 Shirokanedai Phone: 03-6450-4347
Fax: 03-6450-4508
Shibaura Konan district Tamachi Station East Exit Bicycle Parking Lot Shibaura 3-3 ahead Phone/Fax: 03-5443-0590
Shinagawa Station Konan Exit Bicycle Parking Lot 2-14-6 Konan Phone/Fax: 03-3472-7931
Kounan Star Park Bicycle Parking Lot 1-9-24 Konan Phone/Fax: 03-6712-9343

How to Use

Please present your notebook, etc. at the management office of each parking lot/bicycle parking lot.

  • * Please tell the management company that you are eligible for the Azabu-Juban Station bicycle parking lot. The management company will guide you through the usage procedures.


Each parking lot/bicycle parking lot

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