Polio (acute poliomyelitis) vaccination

Polio routine immunization performed mass inoculation (oral inoculation) using live vaccine until now, but is replaced by individual inoculation (subcutaneous injection) of inactivated vaccine in medical institution from September 1, 2012. I was.

In the past, polio (acute poliomyelitis) was called polio polio because it mainly affected infants and caused paralysis of the limbs. Since the implementation of live vaccine vaccination in 1961, the incidence of polio (acute poliomyelitis) has decreased sharply, and there has been no outbreak in Japan for the past 30 years. However, it is a disease that affects many patients worldwide.

Routine immunization with inactivated polio vaccine

Vaccines covered by routine immunization

Single inactivated polio vaccine (Salk vaccine)
We transcribe with "single inactivating polio vaccine" on this page to distinguish from four kinds of mixed vaccine introduced on November 1, 2012.

Target person

Those who have not received enough polio vaccinations from the day before their 3-month anniversary to the day before their 7-year-and-6-month anniversary
In addition, we sent "single inactivated polio vaccine" preliminary examination vote to person who was born from April 1, 2010 to July, 2012, and did not inoculate live vaccine twice.

If you are eligible for routineimmunizations other than those listed above, we will be able to give you a pre-examination form.

Electronic application

If you have lost your health checkup slip or if your child has moved to Meguro Ward and has not been vaccinated, you can apply for issuance of a health checkup slip online here.
Electronic application (Tokyo joint electronic application/notification service)

Number of inoculations/Inoculation intervals

As standard, 3 doses are given at intervals of 20 to 56 days (3 to 8 weeks), and 1 booster dose is given 1 year to 1 year and 6 months (at least 6 months) after the completion of the 3rd dose.

  • Regardless of live or inactivated vaccine, if you have already been vaccinated against polio, please inoculate the remaining number of times out of the total number of times of vaccination, excluding the number of times you have been vaccinated.
  • People who have already received two doses of the live vaccine do not need the inactivated vaccine.

Download related files

Click here for more information on the number of doses and intervals for single inactivated polio vaccine.

Learn more about single inactivated polio vaccine immunizations.

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This is the page of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. For more information about the polio vaccine, please visit this page.

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