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Those who have received a "new coronavirus vaccination ticket" from Shinagawa Ward can make a reservation for vaccination from this site.
If you would like to make a reservation, please make a reservation by clicking the "Go to Shinagawa Vaccination Venue Reservation Form" button.


[Vaccine for Omicron strain] It is possible to inoculate without reservation at the venue set up in the ward

At the group vaccination venues established by the ward (former Ribbon Hatanodai, former Ebara Daiyon Junior High School, and Oi Racecourse), vaccinations for Omicron strains are administered without reservation.
Those with reservations have priority, so please wait.
Vaccines used, target audience, and age differ for each schedule and venue, so please check the following page for details.
[Vaccine for Omicron strain] Can be vaccinated without reservation

[Vaccine for Omicron strain] Vaccination is possible at venues outside the ward

In addition to Shinagawa Ward, the Omicron strain vaccine can be administered at Minato Ward's "No Reservation/Anyone Vaccine" and Tokyo's large-scale vaccination venues .
*The vaccine for the Omicron strain is administered once per person.

Minato Ward No reservation ・Anyone can get vaccinated " Minato Ward New Corona Vaccination Center (Former Minato Labor Welfare Hall)"
(Toei Subway Asakusa Line / Mita Line "Mita" Station Exit A7, right next to the left, JR "Tamachi" Station Mita Exit 5 minutes walk)
The details are Minato-ku, and there is no reservation, and anyone is inoculated (the other window indication)
Tokyo large-scale vaccination venue “Tocho North Observatory Vaccination Center” (about 10 minutes on foot from the west exit of JR “Shinjuku” station ・Toei Oedo Line “Tochomae” station)
"Gyoko Underground Vaccination Center" (Directly connected from JR/Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line "Tokyo" Station Marunouchi Underground Central Exit)
The details are Tokyo new model coronavirus vaccine large-scale inoculation reservation system (the other window indication)

Please refrain from arriving at the vaccination venue earlier than your appointment time.

Please come to the vaccination venue at your scheduled time to avoid congestion in the venue and crowds during waiting times.
Even if you arrive at the vaccination venue earlier than the reservation time, the reception time and vaccination time will not be shortened.
Please note that if you arrive early, you will be asked to wait outside the venue.

[Proceed to Shinagawa Ward Vaccination Venue Reservation Form]

Online reservations are accepted 24 hours a day, including weekends and holidays.
In addition to the venues in Shinagawa Ward, we also vaccinate at large-scale vaccination venues in Tokyo and the country.

Reservation method

The reservation method is as follows.


1. Enter the vaccination ticket number (10 digits / listed in the upper right corner of the vaccination ticket) 2. Enter your date of birth (8 digits) in "Password" Example: Those born on April 1, 1990 → 19900401
* If you have logged in before, the password has been changed to your own.
If you do not know the set password, please contact the call center (03-6633-2433).
3. Check "I agree to the terms of service" and click "Login"

Vaccine information registration

* If you have logged in before, this registration screen will not be displayed.

4. Enter your surname (kana), first name (kana), phone number, and e-mail address (optional) 5. If you have entered an e-mail address, select either "Receive" or "Do not receive" in "Email Receiving Settings" Select 6. Click "Next"

Password setting

* If you have logged in before, this registration screen will not be displayed.

7. Enter a new password Enter a password with at least 8 characters, using 2 types of half-width alphabets, half-width numbers, and symbols.
8. Enter the new password again 9. Click "Confirm input"

Confirm your input

10. Check the entered information, and if there are no errors, click "Register with this information" If you want to make corrections, click "Correct" → Return to "Register Vaccine Information".

Reservation registration

11. Scroll down 12. Click "New Reservation" 13. After confirming the precautions, click "Proceed to 〇 reservation"
14. Search for a reservation slot from one of "Search by venue", "Search by date", or "Search by slot on the day" *We recommend searching by "Search by venue".

Venue selection (search by venue)

15. Select the desired venue If you want to display only venues that can be reserved, check "Display only venues that can be reserved"
16. Check the detailed information of the vaccination venue and click "Reserve at this venue"

Select desired date and time

17. Click "Preferred date and time" 18. Select the desired date and click "Next" * Dates with available reservations are displayed in green.
19. Select desired time slot

Reservation confirmation screen

20. Confirm the reserved venue and date and time, and click "Confirm reservation". To make corrections, click "Edit details" → Return to "Preferred date and time selection".
21. Reservation confirmed
Reservation information will be displayed on My Page.

About reservation method (PDF: 2MB)

Place of inoculation

▸【1st and 2nd vaccination】 Vaccination venue/map
▸ [Third vaccination] Vaccination venue/map
▸ [4th vaccination] Vaccination venue/map
▸ [Pediatric vaccination] Vaccination venue/map
▸ [Vaccine for Omicron strain] Vaccination venue/map

Shinagawa Ward New Coronavirus Vaccination Call Center
Main inquiry contents: Consultation about new coronavirus vaccination in Shinagawa City (inoculation place and vaccination schedule in Shinagawa City, reservation method, etc.)
Phone: 03-6633-2433 *Please check the phone number before calling to avoid any mistakes.
FAX: 03-6684-4845 *FAX is a dedicated number for speech and hearing impaired people. Please refrain from using other people.

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